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How To Transform A Non-Farmhouse into A Farmhouse Style Home

We’ve talked a lot about Farmhouse style. We’ve shared how to enhance your farmhouse style and to live a farmhouse lifestyle. We haven’t, however, shared some tips on how to transform a non-farmhouse style home into one with farmhouse style.

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We’ve touched on some farmhouse charms that can give that original farmhouse vibe, like the farm table or the barn door. This time, let’s go a bit deeper to really encourage the farmhouse vibe in a 180-degree farmhouse interior design makeover.

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Transforming A Non-Farmhouse into A Home with Farmhouse Style

Just because your home may not hold the charm an old or even modernized farmhouse may, it is still possible to get a farmhouse style inside your home. Think about switching your mindset when it comes to your actual décor and interior design. Slight touches and specific adds can really get that farmhouse look & feel without the miles of an original farmhouse.

You’re already winning. Bear with us…

Any style home is attainable, really. You just have to want it and hone in on that particular style. Here are a few tips to gaining the farmhouse style inside a non-farmhouse home.

Farmhouse Touches

Just A Few Tips…

  • Mix the Old and the New. This is important, especially when wanting that modern farmhouse flow. If you have some antique pieces on hand, think about incorporating them into the room design while pairing them with something more modern or even something from a different time period (like Baroque, etc).

We paired our farmhouse-style dining room table with a more updated, polished bamboo chair. The chairs are a different color, creating yet another contrast in the room. The table embraces that farmhouse feel while the chairs set another tone, balancing out the flow in the room. It is important to not get too stuck on one design style to keep the décor fluid.

Check out a previous post Mixing Old and New to really give this step a stronger perspective!

  • Neutral colors should become your best friend. Not only does this make things clean, but it also makes them easy and less stressful when choosing a color palette. We previously shared more about choosing the right color palette here and here as well.

Grays, whites, taupes, creams. Try to keep the wall colors consistent and simple. Again, avoid bright colors.

  • Incorporate dimension on the walls. Yup, shiplap is back again. Also, bead board and wainscoting are both great and easy (and inexpensive – and can also be DIY!)) ways to give a nod to that good ‘ol farmhouse feel. We added shiplap in our dining room and love how it speaks to the farmhouse vibe without making it feel dingy or old; rather, updated and fresh!

A Few More For Good Measure

  • Incorporating wood – wood that shows its natural color and texture – is another way to transform a non-farmhouse home into a farmhouse. The wood can be used for wall décor (exposed beams, mantels) or for furniture if you are feeling saucy and want to build your own farm table or chair to add to a room’s decor?!
  • Choose farmhouse-style light fixtures. Wood can be incorporated into this piece of the pie as well. Wrought iron, beading, and wood are actually all textures we think speak very well to the farmhouse aesthetic. There are so many options out there, so this shouldn’t be too tricky, time-consuming, or annoying.

Note it is also possible to shop around for light fixtures. Big box stores often have great deals. Or, you can scour antique shops and/or flea markets and tag sales to find something that will work.

  • Painted old furniture and distressed furniture really encompass that old farmhouse style. We shared a bit about distressed furniture finishes here and although you would have to commit to a DIY project with this approach, in the end, it can be totally worth it! Painted antiqued furniture really establishes a base design décor in any room. And, if you don’t have antique furniture, think about giving a new piece of furniture the antiqued look with a distressed finish!
  • Adding in patterns like gingham and florals as well as wire and woven baskets. We got into the nitty-gritty of incorporating these design pieces here and here.

Why Farmhouse Style?

The farmhouse style is one that has been cyclical. There is a reason for this – it is timeless. It is comfortable. It just works.

This way of decorating/living is very easy, comfortable and yet tied together in a way other design aesthetics may not be. It is approachable and attainable and easy to grow. Remember, shopping at local antique shops, flea markets, tag sales, and consignment shops will help in the hunt to find the appropriate “farmhouse-era” design touches.

Where To Look For The Right Touches & Pieces

We have spent years configuring our home to have just the right amount of farmhouse touches. Granted, we started with a farmhouse base for the style, we have come to learn and discover so many different farmhouse design avenues that are available.

Original and Modern Farmhouse

Home goods and Target have honed in on the farmhouse design aesthetic. We have also come to love H&M home as well as Zara home – both offering more of a European farmhouse vibe. Consider your local hardware store and/or home design store for design help as well.

One thing we know for sure, “modern meets farmhouse” always creates a very welcoming tone inside any home. So, if you are always drawn to the charm of an original farmhouse, think about jumping into that charm with your decorating approach. This look will last you years and make for a very comfortable and cozy home!

Original and Modern Farmhouse

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