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Let’s Go Shopping! Affordable Farmhouse Furnishings & Where To Find Them.

Do you know what you want but can’t seem to find it? Or you have, but it just does not fit into your budget? I have spent countless hours searching for all things farmhouse and I’ve compiled a quick breakdown of my favorite places and what you will find there. This is merely a guide for you to reference when searching for specific items. There are likely millions of other places I was not able to fit here, but I promise to continue to keep you updated with the best places to shop as we go!

Let’s start with finding the right throw blankets and pillows. Sifting through thousands of google pages from your “throw pillows” search can be quite daunting. Scrolling through expensive options or only finding pillow covers can discourage you from continuing your plight. Trust me, I’ve been there but I have a better solution. Although, pillows from places like Z Gallerie, Pottery Barn, and Article can be quite eye catching, they often aren’t worth the cost. I found the black patterned throw pillows above on sale at Marshalls for just $10 each! I highly recommend checking out Marshall’s, At Home, and Target for a wide array of affordable options. The trick is knowing what season. Spring brings a ton of blacks and greens, while winter will house neutrals and warm browns. Start to scout your local stores and wait for the season to align with the color scheme that matches yours!

Entry bench will throw blanket ladder

Throw blankets are much like pillows. They are everywhere but often very expensive or poor quality. To be frank, throws are not something I like to spend a lot of money on if I can help it. I tend to have a ton of luck at Home Goods or Marshalls finding soft, durable blankets ranging around $10-20. Better yet, if your city has the combined Home Goods and Marshalls building, go there and never leave! From white fur, to bright yellow knits, I have never been disappointed in the selection, quality and price. They almost always have exactly what you are looking for.

I often find that both throws and pillows are the first things to go or update when I want a refresh. That is why I tend to save on these items versus splurging. If you’d prefer to splurge on a luscious fur blanket, by all means, do. But if you find yourself transitioning between pillows and blankets each season it’s probably best to save a bit here.

Black candlestick tablescape

Another place to save is on what I like to call “knick-knack” décor. These are the “trendier” items you use to add the finishing touches to your home. Often it can be all too tempting to buy that $45 candlestick you found at Kirkland’s, but I can almost guarantee you it’s not worth it – unless it’s on sale. My mom always says she never buys anything full price because before you know it, that piece will find its way to the sale rack.

That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or style. Instead, if you are lucky enough to have an At Home nearby, head right on in and peruse the aisles upon aisles of home decorations. From large artwork to dainty candlesticks, and on to luscious greens, your local At Home will have a plethora of options to chose from. For instance, we bought the candlesticks featured above for less than $5 each! The little planters and wicker placemats were both from there as well and came in at less than $30 altogether.

Custom, hand-made cutting boards

Everything I have discussed up to this point is something anyone can find at their local home décor store. What if you are looking for a hand-made custom piece without that hefty price tag? Believe me when I say I have found the mecca for custom, handcrafted pieces. It is probably a place you often disregard or it may have never even crossed your mind. What is the secret spot? Your local Farmer’s Market!

Isn’t that for fresh produce? Well, sure. However, these things have expanded far beyond fresh fruits and veggies. Many markets have an abundance of “craft tents” where small companies often pay for a spot to sell their work. A lot of the stuff is not so great, but there are true gems that can be found. For instance, check out these artfully crafted cutting boards that I found at a local market on my recent trip to Seattle. These can be used for a tray, charcuterie board, or accent piece in your kitchen. Plus, each item is unique and no one else is likely to have anything like it in their kitchen!

Entertainment center with wall hanings

Now here is where l encourage you to splurge. Large furniture or accent pieces are worth a little extra cash. Bigger furnishings like the entertainment center above and the two wall hangings are staple pieces in my mom’s home that she absolutely loves and centers her décor around. This photo is a little older with outdated decorations and it is missing the rug, but don’t let that distract you from the beauty!

If you are looking for statement pieces to hang on your wall and you are willing to drop major cash, I highly recommend Restoration Hardware. Unfortunately, that of course is not in a majority of the population’s budget (including mine). Instead, opt for places like Pottery Barn or Kirkland’s where they have stunning furnishings that are often on sale and can be impactful in your home.

If you want to know my biggest secret – listen close. Have you been searching for a furniture piece that turns heads? Head to your local antique show or store. There is this town in Texas called Round Top where Antique stores line the road with small pop-up shops and tents. A few of the places have jaw-dropping pieces such as the entertainment center above. Prepare to spend a pretty penny for the find though!

I saved the hardest for last this week. Rugs. These are often the bane of my design experience. I know that sounds awful and not everyone shares this frustration, but picking a rug always seems to challenge me. I find the task of sorting through the endless options, trying to match the color, texture, and size I want to be quite tedious. Oftentimes, my personal rooms will sit for months without one because I still cannot find the perfect fit. Not to mention the financial commitment a large rug can require as a good rug could run you a few thousand or just under that.

Recently, I found my go-to store (online and in-person) for rug shopping. I had not heard of this place until I moved to Sacramento, California a couple of years ago so I am not entirely sure where all they are located. Anyway, the giant warehouse of a store has a large selection of affordable rugs starting at less than a hundred dollars. The material, prints, colors, and sizing options are endless and from what I have experienced, are great quality. I give them bonus points for convenience because they have a non-commission (AKA not pushy) team of experts that can help you design your room and pick the right rug. I highly recommend checking out their furniture too, but we will save that for another day!

At the end of the day, the main message is shop where you love. If none of the stores above tickle your fancy, stick to your favorite shops! If you enjoyed these and are ever in need of shopping solutions, drop a comment below! I’d love to help you discover where to find the piece you have been dying to find.

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