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Room Upgrade: How To Elevate A Basic Farmhouse Bedroom

Do you have a modern farmhouse bedroom that you just don’t know what to do with it? Perhaps you have an outdated matching furniture set, or the room feels cluttered and dysfunctional. Regardless, almost all of us have that one bedroom that doesn’t give the same vibe as the rest of our house. This is the room you look at, feel uninspired by, and tell yourself “I’ll redecorate this room soon” then close the door.

For my mom’s house, this is her guest bedroom. The room displays her old matching furniture set from the early 2000s or possibly the 90s. She updated the bedding, but the space still feels outdated and bland. She has tasked me with updating the room to make it feel cozier and more inviting.


Farmhouse Bedroom Refresh

orange oak bedroom set in black, white, grey, and cream room

Of course, I am overjoyed to help, but I also thought it would make for a great series to share with you all. The series will be called “Room Upgrade” and it will share ideas on how to update or upgrade a space that needs a little extra love. With that in mind, let’s get started on this modern farmhouse bedroom refresh.

Replacing The Nightstands

small bedside dresser in farmhouse bedroom

The first thing I notice about this space is that the nightstands and bedframe look like a matching set which makes the room feel one-dimensional. Nightstands tend to be cheaper to replace and a bit more versatile, so I would love to start the refresh by updating the nightstands. Since I’m considerate of budget and sentimental value, I’m going to provide the following options:

  • Keep the nightstands as is, but update what’s on top and the hardware
  • Refinish the nightstands to have more color contrast
  • Purchase new nightstands

Ideally, I would love to replace the nightstands with a larger storage option. As you can see, the room is laid out a bit odd and there isn’t a lot of opportunity to add additional storage space. This is why I think it would be best to shop for two smaller dressers instead of a typical nightstand. This will help make the space feel more proportionate and provide better functionality in the space.

Color Balance

Blue rug in moder farmhouse bedroom

If you know anything about design, you may have heard of the 60-30-10 rule or the 80-20 one. If you haven’t, the main premise of these design concepts is that a majority of your creation should be on color and the rest should be pops of one or two additional hues. That’s obviously a loose translation, but it works for this scenario.

In the case of this bedroom, there doesn’t seem to be a strong main color. Instead, there appear to be several strong color divisions: black, tan, grey, and brown. Since they are all neutrals, it’s easy to incorporate the colors, but we need to create more repetition and balance of them throughout the space. To help with that, I recommend the following:

  • Add a large rug, mostly black to help add some contrast to all of the lighter hues
  • Swap out the curtains for white, grey, or a lighter tan option to help tie in the existing colors (I’d opt for a patterned or textured option for more visual intrigue)

Mix Up The Bedding

ornate wood bed frame and matching nightstands

My mom loves the bedding she purchased, so I plan to keep the core of it while adding some visual intrigue and dimension. I’d start by adding a fun, contrasting pattern sheet like a black and white polka dot. Then, I would replace that throw blanket with a larger black or black patterned comforter for more contrast in the space as well as more volume for the bed. Next, I would toss the home pillow out for something with a darker black option and introduce a new texture.

When making the bed, I would be sure to turn the tan quilt down to show the patterned sheets for a more playful look. The new combination should help create a more welcoming look.

Removing & Adding Furniture

formal dining chair matching antique wood bed suit

The chair in the corner and the large gentleman’s dresser have to go. The dresser awkwardly stands out in the space and feels crowded. The chair prevents the closet door from fully opening. However, this leaves us with less storage and nowhere to sit.

To solve the storage issue, we swapped our traditional bedside tables for small dressers. Now, to solve the seating issue, I would love to add a bench or two small stools to the foot of the bed. This will provide additional seating and play wonderfully on the ornate foot of the bed.

Finishing Touches

desk at the bed side decorated with cute trinkets

We saved the best for last. Now that the major changes are out of the way, we can focus on the more minor details like adding decorations, art, and greenery. For starters, I would add a tall Olive tree in the corner where the chair once was and perhaps a small plant on one of the nightstands.

I would also add a piece of art above the bed that ties in the other colors of the room or one on the empty wall on the right side of the bed. On either small dresser I would add a piece of art or a photo as well. Then I would accessorise with some books, jewelry bowls, water carafe, or other decorative accents. Each of these would tie in with one of the existing colors of the modern farmhouse bedroom.

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