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4 Simple Decorative Swaps To Update Your Farmhouse

Do you love your farmhouse, but feel like your decorations seem out of place? That could be because your decor or furniture is outdated. Oftentimes we fall into the pattern of trying to keep up with the trends and what you’ll quickly come to realize is that trends come and go with the seasons. That once stunning coffee table is now an outdated eyesore.

It’s okay if this sounds like you because we’ve all fallen victim to this at one point or another. The modern farmhouse style is probably the most discussed “outdated trend” as of recently, but the true modern farmhouse style is classic and meant to stand the test of time. So how do you know if your modern farmhouse is timeless or trendy?


Farmhouse Style: Trendy vs. Timeless

Are you struggling to grasp whether your farmhouse is trendy or timeless? There are a few key pieces that scream dated and if you have them, you should probably look to update them. Only, of course, if you don’t love them. As I always say, if you love it keep it – regardless of what anyone else says!

Curious about what those could be? I’ve got you covered. Here are the four key decorations in your farmhouse that could use an update.

Wall Decals Have To Go

Wall decal in teal, blue and back room

If there is one design trend that should have been criminal to invent, it’s the inclusion of wall decals. Those giant word stickers found their way into almost every home and I have to shamefully admit, that included mine as well. If you love these, keep on loving them but from a design perspective, these truly have become an out-of-date eye-sore, although I hesitate ever to call these a trend.

If you’re curious about what to replace these with, think similar, but better. Swap your peel-and-stick word sign decal for some peel-and-stick wallpaper. Add intrigue with a fun pattern or bold color instead of a giant sticker that says “family.” I promise your home will feel more designer & you won’t even miss that old sticker.

Speaking Of Word Signs

hanging word sign above white mudroom bench

Now I know most of you already know what I’m going to say next, but along with word stickers, word signs are making your home feel dated. The massive sweep of collage walls with words like “eat” or “laundry” exploded in the modern farmhouse community. I myself still have a few seasonal word signs because I just can’t seem to let them go, but I assure you, they are dating your house. They may be fun, but they have had their time in the spotlight and it’s okay to move forward.

So where do we go from here? There are so many options, but you can honestly never go wrong with a beautiful art piece. Find a painting that can help tie in other colors from your color palette for a great tie-in piece. If you’re looking for more inspiration, here are a few ideas:

  • Mirror
  • Sketches or drawings
  • Framed photos
  • Any wall art
  • Old, wood window panes

Remove Overly Distressed Furniture

distressed white farmhouse dresser

We all love a good antique furniture piece with a ton of “character” from its old age. What we thought we also loved, was brand new furniture with a ton of man-made distressing. This trendy furniture design plagued the modern farmhouse style for quite some time. Although it can be done tastefully, in most cases it was overdone causing the trend to quickly become outdated.

Instead, hunt for beautifully aged antique pieces whose character has developed with years of love and use. Or opt for smaller antique accents and keep your furniture new. Modern farmhouse is known for its combination of old and new, so just find what works for you and run with it. Pro-tip: if you’re looking for something timeless, you truly can’t go wrong with a couple of antique accent chairs next to a brand-new couch.

Check Your Lights

ornate light fixture in entry hall

Lighting sets the mood for your space. This means, that if your light fixtures are dated, your entire space is going to feel out of date. Therefore, try to avoid keeping your overly ornate light fixtures and I know you know what I’m talking about. Those heavy metal lights with lots of curls and leaves or those bulky, old money chandeliers are dating your space.

If you still want to keep an antique look in your farmhouse, opt for an antique fixture with a classic shape. Personally, I prefer to go for a more modern light fixture that will help the resale value of my home. Honestly, though it’s your farmhouse so make it yours with whatever special touches you love!

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