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Incorporating Florals

We have been seeing a lot of designers incorporating florals lately.

In clothing, in accessories and in now home décor. We are ready for it and hoping you are too! What’s not to love about florals? They are cheerful, invoke good weather vibes and add a freshness to any area they adorn.

Incorporating Florals


Incorporating Florals in A Modern Farmhouse

Let’s get some florals into the home without over-doing it. By now, most of us are familiar with the everlasting Liberty of London. This brand has truly stood the test of time and is always our first floral “go-to” in regards to inspiration. Their colors, tones, and designs really work well in many different spaces. They have also sparked a floral revolution and because of this so many other brands are jumping on board.

Liberty of London draws us in with our eyes. We feel it works so well in a modern farmhouse setting because of its longevity, simplicity and polish. One can guarantee that since this brand itself has stood the test of time, their textiles will stand the test of time in a modern farmhouse home as well.

Florals can be pinned as a “feminine” look; however, we’ve realized that they can be incorporated into design décor in a subtle way as well. All the males can sit back and relax on that floral pillow without losing their masculinity. Think subtle touches, think tiny messages placed throughout a room. The best part about florals is that they give a way to add pattern into the mix.

Incorporating Florals

Different Types of Florals and Designing Your Look

Florals are available in so many different scales and color-ways. If integrating florals in the main floor of a home is too much for your liking, think about other quiet spaces in your home that may benefit from a touch of feminine pattern. Bedrooms and sitting rooms really work well with a floral – wallpaper or fabric pillows/upholstery. Maybe think about only using a floral pattern on the back of a couch or just the seat cushion.

Incorporating Florals

There are also floral patterns that have such large scales and repeats they actually don’t look like a floral on smaller pieces, such as a pillow. After all, if styling a modern farmhouse, it is important not to follow the typical farmhouse décor. Going off the farmhouse grid a bit is what will help incorporate that modern tone into the final design. Think unconventional florals or, like we said above, subtlety integrate floral into the complete décor.

If going all the way with floral décor is your thing, use the Shabby Chic base as your guide. It is definitely a “look” and embracing that is definitely not a bag thing! There is a way to do it – to mix and match different florals – but it shouldn’t overwhelm the eye too, too much. One fabric can be loud or busy and coordinating fabrics should be toned down, muted.

Another option if florals adorn the walls via wallpaper or photos, maybe think about contrasting with fabrics that only have floral in their design every-so-often. Like a stripe with a flower every couple of repeats in the pattern. A traditional floral will be what others expect. Think outside the box and trick their eye!

Sometimes inspiration comes from all over. For instance, there are times you may be attracted to a fabric on a dress and it really speaks. This recently happened to us since florals are all we seem to be seeing at the moment! We found a floral pattern on a dress that we thought would work well in our home.

So, we researched the fabric and the ball started rolling. We then came across other florals that inspired us, thus helping to create the look we were essentially hoping to achieve in one the rooms of our home. Done and done and fully enjoying the space!

What we love most about florals is that they can work well for young folks, old folks and those in-between. They can be versatile enough to live a long style life in the same spot with the same coordinates or they can bounce and be separated to meet the needs of the home. We call this a win-win when it comes to interior design décor. Especially for a farmhouse.

Incorporating Florals

Make the Floral Decision

What is it you fancy? We are firm believers in owning one’s style. If it makes you happy, then who cares what others will think? It is better to have your own style than no style at all. Or worse, always mimicking others’ style. Whichever way you slice it, floral patterns help bring a bit of brightness to any home. It is just a matter of how you begin incorporating florals in your own home.

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