Choosing the Right Couch

Choosing the Right Couch

Do we all struggle with choosing the right couch?

Furniture defines a space. It is the gear, the stuff, the equipment of a room. The placement of the furniture sets the purpose of the room, really. A flow is distinct once the furniture is positioned. 

The stress of setting up furniture isn’t nearly as intense as so many other parts of the renovation, moving or re-decorating process. The fact that furniture placement doesn’t have to be set in stone helps, especially for those tricky shaped rooms that may not have a defined purpose off the bat. It is always possible to re-work the layout. However, when choosing a couch for a room it is important to define the spaces’ purpose ahead of time.


Choosing the Right Couch, Where to Begin?

In a modern farmhouse, any style furniture will work. However, it is important to remain consistent with the style choice, maybe adding key pieces from different aesthetics here and there. If the style couch you choose is more on the farmhouse casual side, think about elevating and modernizing it with a different, more modern fabric choice such as velvet. Also, the hardware and accessories on the couch itself (like the legs or side/throw pillows) can bring the couch back to modern times and marry the farmhouse and modern vision nicely. You can achieve comfort even if modern is the design realm you are seeking.

Choosing the Right Couch

The Family Room

Understand your space and how it will be used. In a family room (where the TV will live, for instance) think about selecting a couch that is comfortable and all-encompassing. A couch that really draws you in, like a sectional, works great in a bigger, more family-oriented room. It allows anyone to sink in and relax.

Maybe a deeper seat option, more comfortable arm-rest option and throw pillows are what drives the decision. Again, in a space like a family room, everyone should be comfortable right away. The look of a more comfortable couch creates a comforting language that will be understood by children and adults alike.

Keep in mind the couch for a family room should also be one that can stand the test of time. Kind of like a childhood dog, you want this couch to span the growing up of children and lots of comings and goings for years to come! Maybe the budget becomes a little more out of the gate, but in the end purchasing a higher quality, more durable couch allows for it to live and grow for a while.

Choosing the Right Couch

The Living Room

For some, the living room is where they spend most of their time. A television may be involved in this space. However, if the living room has more of a traditional use (with no television, especially if this room is in addition to a family room), choosing the right couch is important. In a farmhouse, every room should illustrate a welcoming invitation, even if the style chosen is on more of the modern side.

Choosing the Right Couch

Therefore, choosing a stuffy and stiff style couch may not fall into place. There is a way to marry both comfort and style when striving to “dress up” a living room, however. Choosing a piece with wood details, like a vintage antiqued settee, would work well in a modern farmhouse. Adding comfortable throw pillows or bolsters can both elevate the space and bring it back to a down to earth vibe.

Our living room acts as an entertaining space, but does not fall under the fancy arena.  We want guests to feel comfortable enough to stay and hang, but love that it is defined as more of an adult conversation type of place. We love reading in this room and getting cozy on rainy Sunday afternoons, even though it doesn’t have a fire place. We also love being able to sink into a great conversation while enjoying guests and catch ups with family or friends.

Choosing the Right Couch

Our piano lives in our living room, offering it a touch more personality and a longing to hang. Our couch in the living room is comfortable and lived in, however, its style is a bit more elevated and this couch would not live in a family room successfully. The nail-head detail and the arms of the couch are a bit more structured and don’t allow a good sink-in for a nap or a long movie.

Choosing the Right Couch

Extra Couch Love

Couches don’t only need to be seen in typical places. We love a couch, love seat or settee in a bedroom, kitchen or hallway as well. It is important to know the space – what can fit there, what will serve best for the day-to-day activity the couch or love seat will endure? A lovely settee in a kitchen nook accompanying a charming table may be one of the most welcoming and perfect ways to modernize a farmhouse.

Our best advice? Living in the space before picking actual furniture to fill it! As much as we like our home to feel finished and set-up, we’ve learned that understanding how a space will be used is crucial when deciding how to inevitably set it all up. Purchasing furniture is a big step, a costly step. Be sure that love is in the air when choosing the right couch, as a couch is one of the biggest and most expensive pieces of furniture to purchase for a home.

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