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What You Need To Know: Fall Trends Of 2022

Let’s face it, summer is quickly coming to an end, and fall trends for 2022 are slowly starting to emerge. I know, it seems a bit premature but it’s better to be prepared. Besides how else can you plan out your purchases for the next month or so to be prepared? I’m kidding, but regardless of if you’re ready for summer to be over, it almost is and the fall styles are starting to come out.

Now I don’t recommend always following along with the trends or switching everything up every season, but I sure do love sharing upcoming trends with you all! If you’re excited to see what colder weather is bringing into modern farmhouse decor, stick around. I’ve got a few rich, upcoming trends to share.


The First of Fall Trends

Dark brown, round wooden breakfast table with white vase and dark green eucalyptus leaves

Have you noticed that everything has been very “light & airy” lately? You’ve probably heard it repeatedly from designers or influencers you may follow, but that has been the trend for the last couple of years. Light wood flooring, light oak cabinets, and honestly light wood furniture all around. This new Fall trend is flipping everything on its head.

So what’s replacing this light and bright trend? We’re going to start seeing a lot more of rich, warm wood tones. Yes, all of the old furniture you considered refurbishing is now back in style. The deep wood tones are a welcome contrast to the cooler hues that have taken over interior design. I’m absolutely excited to bring back a more rich look in modern farmhouse design.

Rich & Warm

Dark brown leather chair with grey and pillow and boho accents

Similar to the return of warm wood tones, you’re going to see a lot more warmth in your textiles too. Although whites will still be in, warm whites will be more prevalent than ever. Cool tones like grey will likely be a thing of the past (as far as trends go) and you will start seeing one color in particular. Can you guess what that is?

Brown is in! Not camel like we’ve seen in recent years but a deep, rich brown is back in style. Whether you love it or hate it, the trend will definitely be here for the fall. I sure do love the idea of creating that warm, cozy feeling inside with deep browns.

Fall Trends Bring The Outside In

Mossy green balls, with green leaves and various wood hues in a bread bowl

Modern farmhouse decor has always thrived on bringing Earth tones into the design, but in the next few months, you will see this taken to an entirely new level. Browns, greens, and other more natural hues will be a major key in trending interior decor. Trend experts say rooms will absolutely be filled with these more natural colors from paint to furniture and small decorative pieces.

You will see a return to darker greens versus the light eucalyptus leaves we’ve seen recently as well as a ton of moss. Furniture will be rich colors of green and brown with accents of warmer whites and linens. Wicker or other wooden or natural elements will revert back to deeper hues and even your pillows, decorative books, and other accents will all be, well, darker.

Throw In Soft Textures

Brown quilted accents with lots of layers and warm textiles following fall trends of 2022

Not that this hasn’t always been a thing, but warmer, textured furniture is making a significant comeback. Whether it’s a boucle or velvet, soft and warm fabrics are making a very big comeback. You will see this not only in your accent chairs, but also in pillows, throw blankets, and other fabrics. It’s perfect for the colder weather and definitely makes you want to curl up by the fire or cuddle up under your blankets for a Netflix marathon.

Searching For Gold

Brass handles in white and wooden kitchen cabinetry with warm white backsplash tiles

Hardware trends have been a good mix of black and gold or brass for quite some time now. This Fall you will see a major shift from a 50/50 mix to a lot more gold and brass. Not only will you see these in kitchen hardware, but the gold and brass hues will be in decorative objects, bathrooms, bedrooms, and honestly throughout the entire home.

The gold or brass will bring another element of luxury to your space. If you’re asking yourself if you can mix and match other metal hues still, the answer is yes! I recommend limiting them to two per room and keeping each metal on its own sightline. For instance, if you have a brass sink you could put brass lighting as well and then add black hardware to your bottom cabinetry.

If you’re looking at all of these new Fall trends and wondering if it’s worth implementing in your home, that’s honestly up to you. All I can say is trends come and go, but what you love will always be in style in your own home. Take what you love and leave what you don’t. That’s all a part of making your farmhouse an original.

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