Welcoming Guests (Rooms)

Welcoming Guest (Rooms)

The welcoming guest room. This is on our personal wish list. Here’s why…


Welcoming Guest (Rooms)

We wish we had a guest room. I am constantly designing a guest room in my head over-and-over again (I am not sure of the reason for this!). Honestly, we don’t even have that many over-night guests to entertain, aside from my husband’s Mom and maybe a few other family members from time-to-time (for one-to-two nights max!).  Maybe I long for a guest room because we don’t have one now and I long to host others and make them feel comfortable and happy when staying at our home.

Since I am always day-dreaming of guest room décor, I thought it would be fun to share some of my ideas to make a guest room pretty, comfortable and practical. Practical is one of my most favorite words, by the way. When something has a purpose and is constantly in use or needed, it feels like everyone is winning (we just need to make it look pretty, and inviting). Am I right?!

Are you still with me? Okay…

The Break Down – Welcoming Guests and Designing Guest Rooms

When we picture a guest room, we picture a nice bed (or two?) neatly made, maybe a floral pattern to show some vibrancy and a welcome feel. We see a desk on a corner wall with a notepad and a pretty pen and maybe a reading lamp. We see a luggage rack in an empty closet adorned with empty hangers and clean, empty shelving waiting for someone to pop their clothing out of a cramped suitcase for some breathing room and wrinkle release.

We see built-ins on one side with empty cabinet and drawer occupancy. We love the built-in idea because we feel it offers guests a more private option. This way, their clothing isn’t spewing from their bags. It also allows them to keep their things tidy and clean with no stress while visiting.


Currently, we are updating our oldest daughter’s room. She is reaching a new age bracket and we have decided to take this guest room approach for her room plans. One of the reasons this design layout will work is because if we choose to do a small addition then her room may turn into an actual guest room in the short future. Another reason is because this guest room approach is so practical! The checklist I’ve created in my head for a guest room offers all of the things one may need to set themselves up in a room comfortably whether long-term or short-term. So, I thought, why not incorporate this way of organization, ease and practicality into our daughter’s room design so she can feel at ease and love her own personal space as well. And that is what we are doing.

Guest Room Design Ideas

Wonderful Wicker

A desk can serve a lot of purpose in a room. Whether built-in or stand-alone, we think a desk is a nice practical yet welcoming feature in any bedroom. Especially a guest room. A desk gives a visitor the opportunity to set their personal belongings in a place that is easily accessible and useful. In my opinion, it also offers the sweet notion of reading and writing and relaxation.

Built-ins are another way to gain storage space while making the room feel designed and put together. We chose to do this in our daughter’s room. As she enters her teen years, I want her to have a place for her cool “stuff” without having the room feel cluttered or dusty. Also, I want her to have a place to keep her clothing without it strewn throughout her room…And a door/drawer to close so I don’t get stressed by messy piles, hah!

Everyone needs personal space, after all. If setting up a room for guests, it is fun to include special keepsakes on decorative shelving. Leaving some shelves and drawers empty is a good idea so they have space to place their personal items neatly. Some of the drawers or shelving can be used to house extra blankets, sheets, towels, tissues and any other items the guest may need throughout their stay.

Decorative trays and places to put trinkets is always a bonus as well. They lend some extra decoration while they are at it! A closet to hang clothing, belts and other items is also helpful. Again, this is another way to keep any sort of mess at bay and behind closed doors so that guests don’t feel stressed about always being tidy.

A bed or beds with soft, welcoming linens is always key when decorating a guest room. Include lots of pillows so visitors have what they may need and see an inviting bed calling their name after traveling (near or far!)! Maybe someday we will have a guest room to welcome our loved ones for a cozy stay in our modern farmhouse. Until then, we are excited to update our daughter’s room and look forward to sharing updates with you here. Stay tuned.

Welcoming Guests (Rooms)

*Think about shopping at a less-expensive store like Home Goods or H&M home for a few useful welcoming guest room finds. Like these trinket boxes and bathroom sets we scored recently (pictured below). Focus on pieces that are useful and will look nice whether empty or with other’s items adorning them…

Welcoming Guests (Rooms)
Welcoming Guests (Rooms)

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