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8 Countertop Decorations You Need For Your Kitchen

Kitchen countertop decorations can be a might be tricky! Since clutter always seems to accumulate on your counters, your decorations can play an essential role in keeping your space neat and tidy. When you select the proper decor you can cultivate a sleek and timeless aesthetic that makes cooking in your kitchen a little bit easier and a lot prettier!

Although that all sounds great, sometimes selecting the proper decor for your kitchen can be easier said than done. If you’ve been feeling a little lost on how to accent your beautiful farmhouse kitchen, I’ve got you covered.


A Guide To Countertop Decorations

Pale green cabinets with black backsplash and modern accents

Whether you like a bit more of an organic modern style decor or a rustic farmhouse vibe, this guide will help you curate the perfect decorations for your modern farmhouse. There are a plethora of more options of course, but I’ve narrowed the decorations down to 8 universal items you can use to style your kitchen.

My #1 Go To: Cutting Boards

Wooden cutting boards laid on countertop framing a black stove and pot filler in a glorious white kitchen

Cutting boards are so versatile! Whether they stand on their own or as part of a decorative arrangement, cutting boards make the perfect practical and visual addition to any kitchen. Their warm color can breathe life even into the most sterile white kitchens as they present just the right amount of organic and earthy tones.

I love propping the cutting boards up against the backsplash around the stove to help create a lovely frame for the visual centerpiece of the room. Especially if your stovetop has a gorgeous range hood. The big bonus of doing this is that with the proper placement, cutting boards can help cover those unsightly, but essential outlets.

white and wood kitchen with organic modern kitchen countertop decorations around stove

Cutting boards can also be laid flat and double as a tray to hold smaller decorative items. I love including items I wouldn’t necessarily want to place directly on my counter. For instance oil jars, or other containers holding liquids that may stain my counter. Not only does this provide a protective barrier, but you could also pop your decorative items right off and use the board to cut your veggies for dinner. It helps keep your necessities within reach while also adding a beautiful warm touch to your space.

Cookbooks As Your Counter Decorations

Cookbook held open on marble holder in white and grey kitchen

Cookbooks have come a long way, haven’t they? They are now much more visually appealing which makes them a great item to keep out on your counters. Grab your favorite cookbook and book stand and display them out on your countertop! There are a ton of stand options from marble to wood to help bring in whatever color or material your design needs.

white cookbook under clear jar filled with fruits next to a container display in a cozy kitchen nook

Not into your secret recipes being splayed open for everyone to see? You can also use your prettiest book as a prop for a few decorative accents. Lay your book flat (or stack on a couple of books) with the spine out and layer on a jar of fruits, a faux plant, or a couple of cute containers.

Swap Those Soap Dispensers!

Still leaving your soap out in those plastic sap containers from the store? Stop doing that immediately. One super simple way to spruce up your kitchen countertop decorations is to swap your plastic soap dispensers for elevated reusable ones. Upgrade your hand soap and dish soap dispensers and add them onto a tray with a few leafy greens.

Not only does this add a beautiful element to your kitchen decor, but it’s also economical. Instead of repurchasing individual soap containers, you can purchase a large supply and store it to refill yours when it’s running low.

Trays Galore!

White elevated tray with stack of bowls filled with fruit

I don’t know about y’all, but a tray is the one decorative piece I think can work in any space. Whether it’s a two-layered tray or a flat square one, it’s an excellent option for your kitchen counters. Add some quirky decorative accents or fresh baked goods for a special touch. I think the more you layer, the better your tray will look.

Be sure to incorporate varying shapes, sizes, and heights to add visual intrigue. This is also a great opportunity to sprinkle in some color as well. Feel free to play around with textures as well. Visualize your stray as a podium for your work of art.

Keep It Green

Give your kitchen a fresh, earthy element by adding in a few greens. Incorporate greenery stems into a bowl or place a breathtaking bouquet in a vase. They can create a large focal point on your island or fill an empty space in the corner. Regardless of how you use your greenery, just make sure you have some shows!

If you need more ideas on how to incorporate greens into your home, check out these 6 tips for adding greenery to your home.

Use Your Fruits & Veggies

Same as fruits and veggies are important in your diet, they’re also important for your kitchen design. Use some bright lemons or bananas to bring some natural colors into the space. Or add in a few functional greens with a fresh mint or parsley plant.

I love the idea of using a spice wall as a piece of art, but you don’t have to go that big. Instead, you could simply fill a bowl with fresh fruits or veggies. Convenient, functional, and beautiful. You can’t really ask for more!

Kitchen Storage, But Make It Designer

Textured, clear containers with wooden tops on a dainty wooden tray

Let’s face it, we’re all accustomed to storing our flour and sugar in cheap, plastic containers and stashing them away in our pantries. Instead, spring for a few upgraded containers that you can proudly display on your counters. Try to find ones that contrast with the space instead of ones that blend in.

If you have white counters and backsplash opt for black or wooden containers for a bit of contrast. It is also important to ensure your decorative containers seal well. You don’t want any sugar ants making a home on your counter because your jar didn’t close!

Last But Not Least, Use Your Dishes

If I learned anything from my mom, it’s that it’s imperative to have at least one good set of dishes and cups. This is especially true if you’re going to use them as decorations. Recently, open shelving has become widely popular in all kitchens, but especially farmhouse kitchens. Don’t waste this storage space! Instead, display your matching cups and dish sets for an added accent.

You can also create a coffee nook with a hanging mug display or stack a few bowls in the corner with a plant and other decorative items. Incorporating your everyday dishes into your countertop decorations can help open up cabinet storage space while getting double the use for your money! My tip to you: invest in good dishware!

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