White farmhouse with black and natural wood accents

Elevate Your Exterior With 5 Simple Steps

I know I always focus on the interior of modern farmhouses, but your exterior design is just as important (curb appeal, girl)! The outside of your home is the very first place your guests see and often creates a lasting impression on your visitors. That’s why it’s imperative that we spend a little extra time freshening up our exterior.

When someone drives by and their eye is drawn directly to your home, that’s what we like to call curb appeal. It’s that something magical that drawers a passerby in and keeps them longing for more. Unfortunately, many homes’ beauty is blocked by trees, unsightly bushes, and dirt. The good news is, that there are a few simple steps you can take to spice up your exterior.


Elevating Your Exterior

Although I’m well aware that many of the exterior fixes cost big bucks, there are a few simple changes you can do to give the outside of your farmhouse a facelift. For full transparency, I drew this exterior inspiration from the Bryan-College Station Parade Of Homes. The parade puts the talents of some of the top builders and designers from our area on full display. Please feel free to comment below if you’d like details on any of the designers and builders from the images below!

Modernize & Layer Your Lighting

White brick farmhouse with light wood and black accents, topped with square lantern sconce lighting

Lighting on the outside is just as, if not more important than lighting on the inside. I recommend starting your refresh by replacing your outdated fixtures, with newer, more modern ones. In recent years, the selection for outdoor light fixtures has really grown allowing for more diverse options that better suit your home. If you don’t have the money to swap fixtures, at least take them down and give them a fresh coat of paint!

Similar to the inside of your home, you should layer your exterior lighting. Once you’ve refreshed your current lighting, consider adding in a few more layers of light. Here are a few outdoor lighting options to include to help elevate your space:

  • Uplights (as shown above) – provide an understated elegance with these simple wall lights
  • Downlights – use deeply recessed downlights to provide a dim glow to your porch
  • Porch lights (as shown above) – add an air of elegance and beautifully accent the home
  • Hanging lights – a large pendant, chandelier, or other accent light can make the perfect statement for your porch
  • Spotlights – the perfect way to highlight a spectacular feature of your home

Upgrade Your House Numbers

Modern black and wood exterior with modern silver house numbers

This one change I felt was so spectacular and yet, so understated. House numbers used to be something thrown on the house and almost viewed as somewhat of a distraction to the design. That is no longer the case!

White brick post with house numbers on either side.

Give your exterior an update by replacing your outdated house numbers with updated, fun ones. Make your numbers part of your design by finding ones that will help add an element of intrigue to your space. I promise you will love them and your mailman (or woman) will love them even more!

Refresh Your Door

Blue door against grey exterior framed by two potted plants

Your front door should be the focal point of your home, but oftentimes it’s the eyesore of a home. The door can be dingey, dirty, or just plain boring. If your front door is looking a little rundown, give it a refresh with a fresh coat of paint. This is something so simple and it can add so much charm and value to your home.

In fact, a recent study showed that painting your front door black could actually increase the value of your home by 2.9%. Let me tell you, I saw a ton of blue at the parade, but I also saw a ton of black. I would venture to say about 85% of the front doors were painted black and they were absolutely stunning! Don’t be afraid to go bold with black.

Layer In Some Rugs

Black and white checkered rug layered under a brown welcome mat in front of black door

The outside of your home is no different than the inside when it comes to rugs! Adding a rug to your front porch can make all the difference, especially if you layer up a couple of them. Lately, I’ve seen a ton of two rugged porches and there is something so welcoming and fun about them.

I suggest filling a large portion of your porch with an oversized, flat, patterned rug and then placing your average-sized welcome mat on top of it. The layering and textures create a warm and welcoming look, while also drawing attention to your front door (which by now should be freshly painted, right?!).

Finish Your Exterior With Some Greens

bright green and pink flower pot arrangements to the side of the door

Is anything in farmhouse design really complete without some greens? Some may say yes, but I tend to think that adding greens to your design is the perfect finishing touch. The same goes for your porch!

After you layer on your welcome mats, frame your door by placing fresh greens on top of and to the side of your rugs. Depending on your space you may only be able to fit one tall plant, but if you have a wider porch try layering in a few pots with varying colors, textures, and heights.

Pro-tip: be mindful of your exterior plant choices. Depending on the amount of sun your porch receives you may have to be a little more selective in your greens. If you don’t want to be bothered by watering your plants or bringing bugs onto your porch, you could always go the faux plant route!

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