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Go Green This Spring – 6 Effortless Ways To Add Greenery Into Your Home

Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to bring out the greens! I’m not quite sure anyone can match my excitement about greenery, but if you share my enthusiasm this blog is perfect for you. Not only can greenery reduce noise and elevate your mood, but it also makes any space look finished and fresh. On top of the other added benefits, greenery boasts itself as somewhat of a modern farmhouse staple so I’ve compiled six simple ways to incorporate greenery into your home!

Candle sticks with candles and greenery around the base

You may have guessed from my previous posts, that candlesticks hold a special place in my heart. I swear you can use these anywhere in your home from wall sconces, to your fireplace mantle, to a stunning tablescape. This may be why I adore adding a sprinkle of greens to this versatile decor piece. As you can see, there is a multitude of greenery options to include on your candlesticks. The small wreaths provide the perfect resting place for any candle and give a little more pizzazz to the simple candlestick.

wooden candle stick with greenery poof.

If you want, you can forgo the candle altogether and opt for a greenery poof instead. These pieces look amazing on any tray or mantle and work especially well when paired with other candlesticks of varying heights. Sat next to a thicker candlestick, like above, the combination makes a beautiful statement in any room. The versatility and variety of shapes and sizes make these a perfect solution to fill almost any space. If you haven’t included these in your decor, I highly recommend doing so.

Greenery poof on tray in front of white vase with eucalyptus stems

If your home needs something a little less lifted than your average candlestick, swap it out for a lifted tray. Greenery poofs or rings fit well on lifted trays and create some contrast in height to add visual intrigue to your design. Smaller trays fit neatly into bathroom corners, while larger trays make for stunning kitchen island centerpieces. The lifted nature makes a grand statement and allows for a casual pop of greenery that will bring a much-needed earthy element into any room.

Vases filled with greenery

Next is the simple option: vases. If you’ve read my previous posts then you know that vases’ versatility is unparalleled in the design space. This also goes for incorporating greenery into your home. Vases range in size from tiny tray top sizes to massive statement vases. This allows you to fit as little or as much greenery into the space as you please.

Vases also present an opportunity to incorporate many different types of greenery into your home. You can fill a thicker vase with a nice, full leafy plant or stick a few slim stems into a taller, more narrow vase. This brings different textures into your home as well as provides different height and width decorations to fill any space. The important thing to consider when selecting your vase is how the greenery will sit in it. If you have narrow stems with a wide neck, you may need to consider adding newspaper or greenery foam to hold the stems in place (which may be an entire blog on its own).

White flowers in a tall white pitcher

Now I know there are a few of you who may not love pure greens, which is why I have added this option here for you! For those of you looking for something a bit more feminine, add in a few florals! Incorporating flower arrangements in your home still provides the same benefits as greenery but in a more romantic way. Full floral bouquets (if real) not only smell great, but they look great! The fresh green stems still add an organic element, but the flower petals present the perfect opportunity to integrate bright colors into the space.

Once again, flowers come in varying shapes and sizes so they are another versatile option for decorating. If there is one piece of advice I’d give when working with floral arrangements, it would be to add more than you think you need. Skimping on stems can make make your floral arrangement feel a smidge lackluster. A full arrangement will breathe more life into the space and help them stand up better in your vase, pitcher, or whatever you choose to house them in!

Greenery on collage of hexagonal shelves

Greenery doesn’t have to stay grounded either. The last two simple solutions for adding greenery include bringing it up onto your walls. If you’re looking for the easiest (or so I think) way to include greenery in your home, simply “pot” some on your shelves. I found these super neat hexagon-shaped shelves at the vintage market a couple of weeks back that make the perfect home for smaller potted plants.

When it comes to shelving potted greenery, the smaller the better. This is the perfect nook for your smaller greens or succulents. It’s also a good time to play with draping greens that hang down off the shelf if that’s your preference!

hanging wooden wall basket with greenery

Last, but certainly not least – the hanging basket! These are by far my favorite addition to any modern farmhouse. They can be used indoors or outdoors. They can frame the vanity mirror in your bedroom or hang neatly along with an empty wall in your kitchen. They can be large or small, hung individually or in a cluster, and add a perfect touch of nature to any space. I’ve even seen them used in kitchens to hold fresh spices such as basil or parsley. Regardless of how you chose to use them, please give these a try in your home.

Now that you know 6 simple ways to incorporate greenery into your home, go out and play with some fresh ideas this spring. I ventured out to Hobby Lobby and created some inspiration arrangements for my home just last week. The main thing is to find variety through different greenery stems, shapes, colors, and textures to keep it interesting. If you have any questions or need more greenery inspiration, let me know in the comments below!

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