Patterned Flooring

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Patterned flooring has stolen our hearts.

Wood floors are most common in a farmhouse. However, if they need replacing, an addition is being added or a renovation is in the works, pattern flooring is something to consider. We’ve been seeing a lot of different variations of patterned flooring. Wood, tile, painted materials. If you’re lucky enough to have inherited a patterned floor in your farmhouse, then kudos to you. If you are looking to add that farmhouse charm, then you’re in the right place. We have seen so many different types of patterned flooring that have caught our eye. Of course, like with anything, you can go for a full pattern-play or keep it simple (like having those wood planks designed in a pattern of their own, such as herringbone). There are a number of different design options, including different materials. Our favorite options are below and we hope one of them tickles your fancy…

Patterned Wood Flooring

  • More traditional
  • A few of our favorite pattern styles include parquet or herringbone or checkerboard
  • Any of these patterns can be executed when the flooring is actually being laid, making this great for an addition or a renovation. A photo image can help. If you are DIYing this project, always search You Tube for a good “how-to” video! Some homes may already have a patterned floor, so in this case restoration is key
Patterned Flooring

Painted or Stained Pattern Wood Flooring

  • Speaks to modern farmhouse character
  • Can be DIY
  • Can be a pricier option & one that would potentially need to be repainted over time
  • Wonderful if you are looking to obtain a more lived-in vibe, as this type of flooring may not last long and will show imperfections over time. Also, think of this like a piece of art…it will take time and patience to get the look completed
  • If you love a certain pattern and/or specific colors, then this is the way to go. Such an easy way to incorporate instant design into a room/area before even selecting furniture and fixtures
  • Great option for existing wood floors that need a pick-me-up. Can also go with this option if you’re laying new floors and want a fun pattern on gorgeous, smooth wood flooring
Patterned Flooring
Patterned Flooring

Patterned Tile Flooring

  • Tile is more durable, easier to clean but can be slippery
  • Works for the modern farmhouse vibe
  • Looks great in a variety of different styles and patterns. Even neutral tones can be stepped up if designed in a fun pattern
  • Great way to make a stronger design statement
  • We love a two-tone checkered pattern for a mudroom or a study/library. It speaks to the traditional, but also creates an updated feel
Patterned Flooring

Repurposed Wood Flooring

  • More traditional, of course
  • Wide wood planks, repurposed barn wood and wood varieties that may be difficult to find now-a-days
  • Keep in mind that this can be a pricier option as well
Patterned Flooring
Patterned Flooring

Solid Painted Wood Flooring

  • More traditional
  • Will definitely see wear-and-tear over a short period of time
  • Will tend to show more dust and debris
  • A good way to show flooring imperfections without looking like a cover-up because over time the paint itself will show imperfections. The “perfectly imperfect” will be achieved here

Another thought – not all flooring has to be the same throughout a home. We love it when different materials meet. For example, in a mudroom, it makes sense to have a functional floor. One that can be cleaned easily and one that welcomes folks into a home. We love the idea of a checkered tile floor in the mudroom that leads into (maybe) a wide planked floor in the rest of the home’s first-floor. Contrast works and speaks volumes.

Patterned flooring makes a design statement, no matter which way you choose to pattern. We think patterned flooring is a lovely way to add a welcoming tone to your home. It gets the eye moving and the intrigue racing. Think about the space you are looking to complete. Would it work to add design to your flooring? We’ve learned that an old farmhouse has plenty of floor variety throughout. After all, that is one of the reasons people love old farmhouses. It’s about their stories, over time. So, naturally, most farmhouses have a variety of flooring because they’ve been worked and reworked and shaped and reshaped over lots of time and in some cases, lots of owners. This is the beauty of it all, where the love shines through and gets that intrigue racing. Play around with some of these pattern-play flooring designs and think about what suites you the most. Discover what best suites your farmhouse before coming up with your final design. Remember, home décor isn’t just in the furniture and fixtures.

Patterned Flooring

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