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4 Decorations You Need For Your Farmhouse This Spring

Winter months are winding down and the beautiful Spring decor is already in full swing at most stores. Like many others, I’ve already started scouring the aisles searching for my favorite home decor finds and trends. This year, I was especially blessed to have the opportunity to head the Silos and check out some of the Spring decorations from one of the most famous farmhouse designers. It was so stunning and I’m honestly excited to share some of my favorite must-have finds with you all.


What’s Trending This Spring?

Spring decor in farmhouse living room display

Before I get into the specifics of which decor pieces to purchase, it’s essential first to understand what’s trending this Spring. I first noticed that neutrals were replaced with soft, muted colors. The neutrals that still exist lend themselves to tans and browns versus the stark white and greys we’ve grown accustomed to. Additionally, the airy nature of the trending decor shifts pairs nicely with the incorporation of both organic modern and transitional design into the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how you achieve this beautiful look in your home. I’ve got a few key pieces you can find to help you bring a lighter and airier look to your home this Spring.

Starting With A Fan Favorite

large concrete vase surrounded by decorative books in a neutral living room

Anyone who has previously read a few of my blogs knows my passion and love for vases. I think they are quite versatile and are excellent accents to help make a space feel more elevated and classy. They also tend to work in almost any space giving them an unparalleled level of versatility that other decorative accents just don’t have.

This is why I think you should buy a concrete vase! I saw them all over the Magnolia Home store and I think they are the perfect addition to your farmhouse this Spring. The texture, color, and character of these vases can help elevate your space.

You can use concrete vases on a coffee table, or entryway table, or add them to a shelf. Regardless of how you style them, they add the perfect organic touch to your space and make for the perfect home for your beautiful and fresh Spring greens.

A Classic

Wicker basket, linens and greenery display in store

The wicker basket is the one decoration that can do no wrong in my book. It is honestly one of the few pieces that have withstood the test of time. Although the coloring or style of the basket may vary from decade to decade, the wicker basket has become a timeless decorative staple.

The Spring of 2023 is no exception to this rule. If you don’t have a wicker basket, it’s about time you went out and bought one (or five).

If you need some inspiration on how to use your wicker baskets or boxes, here are a few suggestions:

  • A basket next to your chair for throw blankets
  • As a vase or pot cover for your house plant
  • To store unwanted cords, electronics, or clutter on shelves
  • Use a large one as a decorative laundry basket with a fabric bag lining
  • Use one as a decorative tray or arrangement on a flat surface

Wooden Boxes

Spring shelving display with wooden boxes, and other decorative accents in shades go green

I’ve long been a fan of wicker or rattan decorative boxes. I love the natural element these beautiful accents contribute to a space, but I also love how functional they are. Decorative boxes are wonderful for hiding clutter such as remotes in your living room or keys and wallets on your entryway table. My one complaint is that the wicker or rattan often frays and breaks making them a less durable option for something so high traffic.

That is why I’m obsessed with all of the wooden decorative boxes I saw in stores. These beautiful boxes come with a lot of character, but also supply an elegance I feel isn’t as achievable with wicker or rattan. They are also far more durable, making them perfect for storing practically anything you want out of site.

The Perfect Spring Pillow

textured pillow display on oak shelves in store

I don’t think any home can have too many throw pillows or pillow covers. Accent pillows can go a long way toward upgrading and updating your space. If you want to keep up with the latest trends this Spring without breaking the bank, try upgrading some throw pillows to ones with a little more texture. Opt for wool pillows or ones with macrame, poms, tassels, or other bold and impactful textures.

With such powerful texture, you will want to keep the color toned down to more muted hues of whites, linens, or tans giving you the perfect elevated look for Spring. If you can’t seem to get behind the more textured pillows, you can also achieve the same look with more simple pillows with textured fabrics such as wool or boucle.

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