Sitting area with candle and vase

Vases In All The Right Spaces.

There is only one piece I think can fit in any single room in your home. This same piece is versatile, beautiful, and timeless. What is this magical decoration you ask? Vases! I’m not talking about the clear vases or cheesy colored ones that come with your 1-800-Bouquet flowers. I’m talking about the stunning vases that vary from stone-like ceramic to bright and colorful. These tiny (or large) items can revolutionize how you define your space. I’m excited to talk through all the ways you can utilize these unique features in your space!

entry hall arrangement with pink and green vases

The first, and most fun function of vases in your modern farmhouse is to add a pop of color to your space! The entry hall of our home dawns rich furniture pieces, flooring, and hardware. The space felt dark and was in need of a spritz of color, especially for the spring. The pink, antique vase here adds a subtle hint of color with the gorgeous floral arrangement that we preserved from my sister’s wedding.

The pink hues of the florals along with the crisp greens perfectly blend together the pink & green vases. I love the juxtaposition of a full and bold vase next to a more subtle green vase with no florals. the simplicity of the second green vase ties into the more neutral whites and browns to provide a more rustic appearance. The beautiful combination of old and new here creates a jaw dropping entryway arrangement.

Wicker tray with neutral, stone-like elements.

The second best part about decorating with vases is the fact you can fill almost any space with them. Take for example this tray. The large, stone vase takes up a big portion of the wicker tray. The vase fills the empty spot perfectly and provides a dark contrast to the light candle and sculpture in front. This theory also works in the first image where the translucent green vase fills the space behind the sign providing a green backdrop for the white sign. You can replicate this in every area of your home that needs that “something” to fill the space.

neutral sideboard décor with clear vase and greenery.

Vases also provide the opportunity to add an earthly, fresh element to your home. Take for example the grey sideboard with warm neutral décor. The rich colors emit a bold, rustic aesthetic but lack the soft, natural touch that greenery provides. A clear vase with a few green stems can help elevate any room filled with too many dark elements. A large part of cultivating a modern farmhouse design includes incorporating greenery to rich colored palettes. Vases present the opportunity to include greens into any room, nook, or cranny in your home.

bluish green vase with cream florals

The traditional use of vases truly blossoms when you add large floral arrangements into your space. That may have been cheesy but adding large bouquets into your home definitely is not. This arrangement can flawlessly frame any space such as a mirror above your dresser or entryway table. These fit gorgeously next to your bedside to encase your bed or even work well on a larger bathroom counter.

The florals can be a muted neutral like the creamy white flowers above to give way to a colorful vase or vice versa. Either way, the floral arrangement will quickly become a staple piece in your home. Some studies even show that flowers in your home can elevate your mood! Who doesn’t want that?

antique vases hung on the wall

You can also take traditional and make it innovative by moving the vases from the table to the wall. My mom’s antique vases create the perfect fixture suitable for this small bathroom nook. The warm amber hues contrast beautifully against the cool grey wall to bestow a punch of color. The eye-catching decoration always sparks conversation from our guests who use the restroom.

white, modern vase

Speaking of eye-catching conversation starter, vases are the perfect statement piece in any home. As I said before, vases come in quite the variety and some pieces are more unique than others. The hollow center vase has become a trendy staple in recent years. The unique piece commands quite a presence on it’s own, but creates even more of an impact with greenery or pampas grass stems. Pampas grass is fairly controversial with some loving the bohemian look and others vehemently opposing it. I’m a fan especially when it comes to modern vases, but you can be the judge of that and whether you want to include it in your home.

Bold could also mean big and large vases are no exception! Oversized vases with tall stems make a stunning impact on any room. Place them next to an entryway bench of stash them in any corner to add a special touch to any space. The look can drastically change depending on the shape of the vase, the stems or pieces filling the vase, and even the color. All it takes is a simple swap to change its impact on the room which makes this the perfect statement piece to change out for each season or style change!

As you can see, there is a vase for every space! I’d love to see how you utilize vases in your home. Drop your favorite photos in the comments below.

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