Dining room set with lime wash and brick background

5 Fabulous Ways To Add Texture To Your Walls

One of the biggest trends this season is texture. Although it’s always been a part of design, 2023 is elevating texture to an entirely new level. Instead of stopping at textured accents, this year’s trends are bringing it all the way up your walls. No, that’s not the old popcorn ceiling-type texture either.

Instead of adding slat walls, ship-lap, or popcorn ceilings, we are starting to see more subtle and organic ways to add dimension to your walls. This gives your space a more elevated and luxurious feel without overpowering the other decorations and design of the space.


A New Way To Texture

modern farmhouse bedding with lime wash and brick wall

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shiplap or a good geometric patterned wall, but I am excited to see some new designs coming up this year. The textured walls of 2023 consist of some old styles and a few fresh takes on old concepts. The good news is that there is a perfect option for you regardless of your style.

Limewash Walls

dining room set with lime wash and brick wall backdrop

I think this has to be my current favorite even though it’s technically a faux texture. Limewash is an ancient technique dating back to the Roman empire. It also made a slight emergence during 2021, but I think you’re going to see it come back pretty powerfully this year. The industrial style paint technique provides the illusion of a very subtle texture providing the perfect backdrop for any room in your farmhouse.

When visiting the Magnolia Market, I fell in love with the brick and limewash wall juxtaposition. Before seeing it, I was convinced that limewash would be a temporary trend. However, I now truly believe this can be a timeless feature in your home when done properly. Plus, as I’ve said before, anything you truly love never really goes out of style.

Brick or Stone

living room with brick wall background for added texture

Both of these options are likely two of the most classic and timeless ways to add texture to your wall. Brick had its time a couple of years ago, just like any trend, it became a little overdone, especially in modern farmhouse interiors. Stone has also had its time in the past, but as with most trends, it’s making a resurgence with a little bit of a twist.

Instead of stone fireplaces and exteriors, we’re now starting to see entire stone accent walls, kitchen backsplashes, and bathroom walls covered in stone. It’s a unique look that adds a ton of texture and visual intrigue to a space. Paired with the proper decor the space can have a very organic and elegant look.

Farmhouse design hasn’t changed brick accents as much, but it’s more about incorporating it in powerful ways throughout the home. For instance, pairing brick with limewash or a large canvas art piece gives the brick wall a refreshed look with a bold impact.

Add Millwork

farmhouse bedroom with moody board and batten accent wall

Wainscotting, board & batten, slat walls, geometric patterned walls, and other three-dimensional accent walls appeared in nearly every home across America. As with most trends, this blew up and became way overdone. People were taking these decorative millwork walls to the extreme with bold geometric patterns and various walls competing for attention in one small space.

In 2023, you will still see many versions of these millwork walls, however, they will be done in a more refined manner. Bold geometric accent walls will transition to light, neutral walls with wainscotting. We will still see many moody spaces with bold and dark colors, but the millwork itself with be less obtrusive.

As far as staying on trend, I recommend a less busy pattern such as a wainscotting or a larger square or rectangular board and batten option. This still allows for some added texture and visual intrigue without the dated look that some of the more patterned accent walls have.


blue and white master bedroom with illusion texture wallpaper

I wasn’t quite sure how to feel about wallpaper coming back in style, but now I’m a huge fan. Wallpaper today has much more variety to choose from, it’s better quality, and the installation and removal process is far easier than it’s ever been. Honestly, as time passes more and more, I’m coming up with far fewer reasons not to have wallpaper in your home and far more reasons as to why it’s a must-have.

Now, you may not necessarily associate wallpaper with texture. Perhaps you see wallpaper as an excellent accent wall or additional pattern, but today’s wallpapers can provide much more than that. Some of the more high-quality wallpapers can add the perfect texture (or illusion of texture) to your walls.

For instance, you may want that beautiful limewash look without all the effort. You can now find a plethora of wallpaper options for concrete, brick, limewash, or other unique patterns and textures. I highly recommend starting your wallpaper search if you haven’t already done so.

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