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What’s Trending This Spring & How To Decorate With It

Walking around all of the home decor stores has me extremely excited for this Spring. The aisles are filled with light and airy decorations that exude peace and calm. In a world full of chaos, I love how the Studio McGee or Magnolia aisles can put me at peace, especially during the Spring time. That’s also one of my favorite parts of home decor; creating a peaceful environment to escape the world.


The Magic This Spring

Neutral living room with Spring decor

I may be alone in this, but I find spring to be the perfect time of year. Not only is the weather warming up, but flowers are starting to blossom and you can almost taste the warm summer air. I feel like the happiness and cheer of Spring are part of what makes the decorations so beautiful. The light and bright decor exudes peace and happiness.

Obviously, I have a true passion for the upcoming season, which is why I’m excited to share what’s trending for this Spring. I’ve hit the decor stores studied the magazines, and compiled the core elements of a stylish Spring interior to keep your home up to date with the latest trends in a timeless way.

Pops of Color

store shelves with green, blue and yellow throw pillows

In previous years, Spring decorations have mostly been known for being green, white, and black. I know this because I always wait until the Spring to go hunting for green or black pillows (I learned my lesson that often you have to shop by season in interior design). Although I love that color palette, I am ecstatic to see something a little different on the shelves this year. Instead of green, we are seeing pops of color!

Which colors do you ask? Blue, green, and yellow! These three colors are extremely popular and they have infiltrated every magazine, every shelf, and every storefront filled with Spring decor. These colors have traditionally been known for being brighter and bolder, but that’s not what’s trending this Spring.

Instead, we are seeing muted hues of each of these colors. The pops of color are so faded that they could even be mistaken for neutrals. It’s practically magic how designers are combining all of these colors in one space without competing for attention.

A Spring Time Classic

Green chair with black hutch and decorative accents

Color schemes may have changed this Spring, but one thing hasn’t: wicker baskets. I swear my love for wicker will never disappear. These beautiful, organic pieces are here to stay for a long time. They make the perfect addition to any space that needs a good storage option or an earthy element.

Although this isn’t a new concept, we are starting to see a small shift in wicker coloring. Instead of the more yellow wicker color, this Spring we are starting to see a more white-washed, light-colored wicker come into play. The lighter wicker still adds that same organic touch, but instead of standing out, it blends perfectly into a light and airy design.

Texture Will Be Huge!

Olive velvet accent chairs

Texture will be a huge part of interior design for 2023, and Springtime is no exception! This spring you will see a ton of texture from the walls to the fabric. Boucle, velvet, rope, and other unique fabric textures will be combined in one space to create a luxurious and curated design. Walls will feature textures like limewash, brick, or wainscotting.

Similar to matching sets, you don’t want the same texture on everything. You will see a mix of velvet and leather furniture with some rope-style and boucle pillows. Or perhaps you will see a boucle chair and leather couch with velvet pillows. Regardless you can bring these varying textures together through one cohesive color scheme that repeats colors in your various textures.

Floral Artwork

pressed floral in frame for a home decor trend this spring

We all know florals are staple Spring decorations, but this year floral artwork is a major trend this year! We’re seeing flowers and green canvas prints, paintings, imprints, and much more hung across the walls of every interior design store. One of my favorite pieces is the floral imprint on some type of clay material. The raw nature of it fits perfectly within the trending decor of 2023.

If you want to incorporate floral art in your home this Spring, but you have a smaller budget, you can always do a DIY project. You can dry or preserve florals and put them in a frame, or grab your favorite flowers and make your own imprinted clay wall art. There are a ton of ways to create your very own floral art, but it also won’t be hard to find in stores if you’d rather just shell out the cash.

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