Wonderful Wicker

Wonderful Wicker

Everywhere you look there is wonderful wicker! We’re embracing it and decorating with it…

Wonderful Wicker


Wonderful Wicker

Wicker has made a come-back and it’s not your Grandmother’s wicker. Not only is this material for both furniture and home accessories easy going, lending those vacation vibes we all long for, it is currently being done really well. Whether a full set of furniture or just a piece or two to texturize a room, we think wicker should be a part of everyone’s home décor.

Wicker has a new look and it is fresh and clean and modern while still holding strong to its roots. Partnered with lovely fabric/patterned cushions, this versatile material is really a no-brainer. We love it with any style genre and think there is a place for even a little wicker in any home. We love it most in a modern farmhouse setting, as the wicker itself speaks the same language as a modern farmhouse; It has lived a long life, but has kept up with the times and therefore keeps itself modern.

Reasons to Lean into Wicker

We’ve narrowed down the reasons why we are leaning into the wicker trend (re-trend?).

One. Wicker is inexpensive. Most wicker options available today are level, at a decent price point. You won’t have to over-extend your budget to achieve the bonus that wicker will add to a space in a home. We realize things can add up quickly and when something isn’t totally necessary, it is sometimes difficult to talk oneself into buying!

Two. Wicker adds texture to a room’s overall design. This goes for indoor rooms especially. We love adding texture to rooms that might have a bit too much simplicity. Think about nice, clean built-in cabinets that were added…. now touch them up with a sweet wicker desk chair and the two pieces will play off of one another brilliantly.

Wonderful Wicker

Adding this extra layer of material makes the eye think and gives it something to ponder rather than “that has always been there” and just moving on. Texturizing a space is the best part – think of it as the final touches. Wicker can play an important role in this part of the puzzle.

Three. Wicker adds a natural tone. Here we are back to bringing the outdoors in! Wicker’s natural color and touch share a bit of the outside indoors. Naturally, our bodies need the outdoors for survival. So why not revive them every day in the comfort of your own home?!

Wonderful Wicker

Today’s wicker is coming in all different shapes and sizes. Sweet! Also, wicker is not just available in furniture. Lampshades, decorative accessories and even everyday kitchen tools are helping to spread the wicker love as well.

Four. Wicker stabilizes a room with its natural and simple qualities. Wicker material gives a home a more down-to-earth feeling. You can add wicker to any décor mood and it offers advantages to the area. (Back to those vacation vibes!)

Five. Wicker can be versatile. We picture wicker in a plethora of spaces inside a farmhouse. In a sun porch (think a full set with pretty fabric cushions for different seasons), indoors (think little accents in a room like a light fixture or a desk chair) or on an outdoor patio/deck where you can really set up a great ambiance to enjoy in the great outdoor sunshine.

Wonderful Wicker

There are so many potentials with this material. Add fabric cushions to a piece of wicker furniture to allow it to speak more of a message and share more of a personality. This also makes it more comfortable, especially for indoor wicker pieces in a sitting room or bedroom.

Seeking Wicker

So many manufacturers have jumped on board the wicker train that it is easy to find just the right piece or pieces. It is even easy to find great wicker inspiration on the internet or in magazines! Although wicker is simple, it can be challenging to incorporate it into a modern farmhouse in the appropriate way, so be sure to gain some vision online by seeing how others may be using it.

Wonderful Wicker

When we started writing this post we realized how much wonderful wicker is quietly interwoven throughout our own modern farmhouse! We’ve chosen to use it in the way we highlighted above…to bring a fresh light and breeziness to our space. We hope some of our photos will give you a bit of inspiration and you are able to find some wicker (or re-purpose some old wicker, perhaps?) in a modern farmhouse!

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