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Unique Farmhouse Decor Shops

Most people will say Amazon, Wayfair, and Overstock are the best online stores for purchasing home decor, but I love finding unique farmhouse decor shops. Even though traditional retailers have a niche in terms of options, they don’t lend themselves to uniqueness when “curating” a home. Try unique farmhouse decor shops instead! In the end, you’ll have a look that’s more “you” and less subject to changing trends.


The Difference Between Unique Farmhouse Decor Shops and Big Online Retailers

Amazon and Overstock are popular places to buy home décor due to their ease of use. Whether it’s tile or table, you can design your entire home in your pajamas. Also, items are usually cheaper there than elsewhere, so the pajama-clad design enthusiast has no reason to look elsewhere.

However, there’s a catch. Everyone gets the same stuff, and you can’t tell what kind of quality you’re getting online. The pictures may be beautiful, but they don’t indicate whether the rustic wood trim on the chair you like is made of real wood or pancakes. Is it made of wood, or is it made of pancakes? Will it fall apart after a few months?

When you think you’re getting a great deal at a large online retailer, keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for. Furthermore, it’s difficult to have a unique home when everyone has the same (cheap) things.

What is a Curated Home?

A curated home is what designers and savvy homeowners aim for in a space. This implies thoughtfully selected items, all intended to contribute to an overall design. Often farmhouse decor shops are curated inside themselves, offering ideas for how to put things together. Some even offer interior design services.

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When You Don’t Have Unique Shops in Your Area

Don’t worry if you don’t have unique farmhouse decor shops in your area! Garage sales, estate sales, and flea markets are great places to find special items that can be used as farmhouse décor also.

Don’t know what you’re looking for? Feeling overwhelmed? Check out some online retailers who sell vintage items or vintage reproductions for inspiration. The items at Rejuvenation are exceptional if you have the budget for them. Look at what they have and try to find similar items at your local flea markets.

Alternatively, you can shop for farmhouse decor online, but be very selective in the shops you purchase from. Some of my favorites?

online advertisement for a sheepskin chair – Etsy is a no-brainer. You can find unique, antique, vintage pieces on Etsy, as well as gorgeous, well-made handmade items! There is also a lot of junk on Etsy, so be careful, read the seller’s reviews when you’re considering an item and make sure they have a generous return policy.

Vermont Country Store – This shop runs the gamut. They sell a bit of everything from clothing to candy to bedding and everything in between. While they do sell some cheapy items, the website is a fun one to browse through, and you can hit upon many quality items. I purchase all of our flannel bedding from here, and I can attest to its softness, durability, and loveliness!

Heirloom Art Co. – I came upon the Heirloom Art Co. when I was shopping for gifts this past holiday season. I was smitten. They offer a “story-centric” retail experience. Most of their offerings are handmade and stunning, from handwoven tablecloths to artwork to books to tables. They have a little bit of this and a little bit of that – but it’s all unique and all quality. And most of their products are affordable.

Garnet Hill – While Garnet Hill hardly qualifies as a unique place to shop for home decor, I still find their sheets among the best! I also love their rugs. As far as craftsmanship and quality, they are still up there at the top, in my opinion.

There are also a handful of good auction sites outside of eBay where you can score a pretty good deal on antiques and vintage wares. Some of my favorites include,, and

Finding the “Real” Stuff

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Rather than buying new things that look old, we should look for things made of “real” or “original” materials. A vintage rug from a unique farmhouse decor shop is better than a new one that looks vintage. Choose an antique crock rather than a new ceramic one to hold kitchen utensils. Decorate with “found” items rather than new ones. You’ll likely save money and will be able to create a more personalized look in your home!

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