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6 Simple Swaps For Your Word Sign Wall Decor

Let’s face it, modern farmhouse decor has earned a reputation for cheesy, word sign decor. Personally, I don’t mind a few word signs here and there, and if you love them everywhere, that’s okay too! However, if we’re talking about having a designer look, word signs may not be the optimal decoration for your modern farmhouse. As always, it’s your house – if you love it, do it!

I find that people tend to accumulate word signs because they feel cute and bring personality to the space, but there are plenty of other ways to do that. I find that many individuals just don’t know what to put on their walls instead. Plus, you will find that these “cutsie” signs are often a lot cheaper, especially in larger sizes than that stunning painting.


Word Sign Replacements

hanging word sign on mudroom bench

If you’re interested in swapping out your old word signs for something a bit more refined, I have 6 simple swaps you can do to upgrade your modern farmhouse. Each option ranges in price, but they will all help elevate your space while still bringing in that same fun, personalized touch you desire.

Swap 1: The Affordable Find

Bird and floral prints over bed

We all know that redecorating isn’t always the cheapest. If we are being honest, wall decor actually tends to be quite expensive. Paintings, canvas art, and other decorative items of large magnitude often cost more than you’re willing to spend, but I’ve got a better solution. Today you can find super affordable prints online and frame them.

These prints range from anything you can imagine and you can easily access them on Etsy or other sites for a very affordable price. Once you find a print you love for a price you like, you can find budget-friendly frames and hang them on your wall. It’s quick, easy, affordable, and gorgeous. The unique prints can help bring your personality into the space and make your house feel more like home (with a lot fewer words)!

Swap 2: Reflect On Your Options

Black mirrors behind bedside tables and lamps

Mirrors are practically the solution to decorate any space in your home, especially when it comes to wall space. Need something on your mantle? Looking for something behind your dining room table? Mirror.

Not only do they look stunning in any space, but they also help make the room feel larger with how they disperse light into the space. It really is a win, win using these in your home. They come in so many different shapes and styles that you can truly find one to fit any space.

Swap 3: Tick-Tock, Buy A Clock

rustic clock above white mantle

There is something so romantic about a large clock in your home. You can find these at a very affordable price, but some of the fancier ones will cost you a little bit more. Regardless, they provide an elegance to the space that your average word sign just can’t. These timeless pieces can be used in almost any space, but they always look especially beautiful over your fireplace.

Swap 4: A Classic Option

Blues collage painting in blue and brown room

When all else fails, it’s always best to go back to the classics. This sentiment is especially true with interior design. If you’re ever feeling stuck on what to swap your word sign with, you can always find a beautiful painting. There is honestly nothing I love more than a well-painted work of art.

The art can suck you in, start a conversation, and create a stunning focal point for your space. It can be a busy painting to bring personality to the area or something small and simple to help add that perfect finishing touch to a smaller room. Paintings are also very versatile in that they can be used in any room in the home and in almost any space. Plus, if you don’t love it later you can sell it or paint over it for a fun little DIY project.

Swap 5: The “Shelfish” Solution

light wood open shelves in a kitchen with decorative accents

One thing I’ve come to love about modern farmhouse is the use of open shelving. I love the look of a pale wood shelf with a stunning decorative display more than almost anything else. I feel like it adds the perfect organic, touch to any space and provides you a fun canvas to show off your personal tastes and favorite decorative items.

You can use these over toilets in the restroom, in place of kitchen cabinets, around your fireplace, or in any space where you have a bit of empty wall space. Instead of a collage of word signs and eclectic wall decor, open shelving offers a sleek alternative that will wow your guests.

Swap 6: Let The Walls Talk

motorcycle wallpaper accent wall with word sign on desk

A blank wall doesn’t mean you have to fill it with wall decorations and you certainly don’t need to add a word sign. Instead, use wallpaper, board and batten, shiplap, or another kind of accent on the wall. By creating an accent wall in the space, you allow your design to breathe without feeling cluttered while also adding character to the space.

As you can see, there are so many alternatives to word signs. So next time you reach for a word sign to add to your blank wall, stop and try one of these six options instead!

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