White and grey bathroom with tray filled with towels, storage container, and potted orchid

How To Decorate Any Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity serves so many practical and aesthetic functions. This is also why you should put a little extra focus on the decor that adorns your counter. However, with so many different kinds of bathrooms and vanities, it can be challenging to navigate all the decoration options. That’s why I’ve compiled a how-to guide to help you decorate any vanity regardless of its shape, size, or location!


Vanity Basics

chic silver tray with soap dispenser, candle holder and blue and white vase with greenery on vanity

To get you started, there are a few basic vanity decor items you need to keep in mind. These will be pieces that can translate into any bathroom no matter the vanity size.

  • Bathroom canisters or jars
  • Soap dispensers
  • Trays & baskets
  • Plants
  • Candles
  • Jewelry dish
  • Hand & face towels

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s discuss how to use these in each of the different types of bathrooms.

Single Vanity

Farmhouse half bathroom with amber modern farmhouse accents

Half baths are high traffic and tend to get dirty fairly quickly probably since it’s the bathroom all of your visitors and you use. This is why you’ll want to keep this decor simple and functional. Limit your decorations to the absolute essentials and then add a sprinkle of style.

For instance, your half bath will need hand soap and a towel. Find a cute soap dispenser and stylish towel to decorate with. Then you can add in a candle or plant on the other side for balance and a touch of color or texture. If you’d like to use the back of your toilet for additional “vanity” space, add a basket with some disposable towels your guests can use without messing up your decorative one.

Black and white vanity with green, white, and black decorations such as a picture, towels, and soap dispenser

If your single vanity is in a full bathroom, you’ll likely have a little more counter space and definitely have a few more countertop decoration needs. Alongside your soap dispenser and hand towels, you may think about ways to display a few additional necessities. As an example, you could incorporate a couple of chic canisters to store your Q-tips and cotton pads.

If you still have additional space, add in some fresh greens, a painting, a candle, or anything else from our earlier list. The key is to make sure all of your senses are met. The sound of water running, the fresh scent of a candle, the look of a beautiful painting, and the feel of a soft towel all contribute to a luxurious bathroom vanity display.

A tray is also a great idea to include a few necessities without taking up too much valuable counter space. Check out my previous blog for tips and tricks for decorating a simple, beautiful tray in a tiny bathroom.

The Guest Restroom

All white bathroom with green and grey decorative accents on the bathroom counter

The vanity of a guest restroom is probably my absolute favorite place to decorate because this is where you can absolutely go overboard! This can be your moment to really wow your guests and make them want to visit all the time. Okay, some of you may not love this idea, but we all love being the hostess with the most-est, right?

Anyway, you want to start with the basics in your guest bath by including the following:

  • Stylish soap dispenser
  • Plant
  • Hand Towel
  • Disposable towels
White bathroom with plant, soap dispenser, and grey wicker basket filled with towels and soap

From there you can begin to really get creative with other options. Think of all the things you need as a guest at a hotel. Shampoo, lotion, a place to set your jewelry while you wash your hands and face, or a clean toothbrush. All of these items can make for great decorations on your counter if you use them correctly.

The key is to display them in a way that guests feel invited to use them while still looking aesthetically pleasing. Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Tray with toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and a miniature mouthwash
  • Basket with a sponge, washcloths, soap, travel shampoo, and conditioner
  • Tiered tray with handtowels, makeup remover, face wash, and headband
  • Jewelry dish
  • Storage box to store a few of their things or your guest’s necessities

Double Vanity

Double vanity with black counters and chick farmhouse accents such as stacked books, flowers, mason jars, and soap dispensers

Double vanities can also be extremely fun to decorate because it’s literally double the space and double the decorations. Think of the middle as a communal space and the counter on opposite sides as the personal space. Each sink should have the same basic items on either side: a hand towel, soap dispenser, and whatever personal touch or other items they’d like.

Then, in the middle, you can include decorations along with shared bathroom items. For example, you can include a jar of cotton balls, a couple of washcloths, and lotion. This is something both sides can use and it also helps create balance and division between the two sides.

L-Shaped Vanity

L-shaped vanities provide even more space than double vanity, but they also follow a similar decorative structure as double vanities. Each sink will require its own decorations. For this though you can go bigger than just the basics. Feel free to add in a plant, painting, vase, or other decorative knick-knacks next to each sink. You will have a bit more space here, so have some fun!

grey tray with candle, scented spray, flowers, and a couple of jars with cotton products

In the corner, add in a larger decorative piece. A large plant, a full basket, or a decorative tray will do the job. This is also a good opportunity to display communal basics such as an air freshener, candles, cotton products, or washcloths. There are so many glorious options here, find your style and dream and bring it to life on your bathroom vanity.

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