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A Simple Tray For A Tiny Bathroom

Sometimes a smaller space can be challenging to decorate. In tiny spaces, function is the most important aspect, but you don’t want to sacrifice style. This often happens in small bathrooms with limited counter space. It can be a bit frustrating to try to find a solution that fits your needs while also being visually appealing.

This is why I think a tiny tray with necessities can be the perfect solution to blend both function and style into a space. Plus, it’s extremely simple to do. Obviously, I didn’t have an abundance of small trays, soap dispensers, and other bathroom necessities lying around so I went out to my local Target for some inspiration! Of course, don’t feel like you need to get everything from there! You can go anywhere from TJ Max to Pottery Barn for the right accessories.

White flecked marble tray with pink and gold accents

The first step requires selecting the right tray. Space is limited so it’s best to search for a smaller tray, but don’t feel boxed in (literally and figuratively). Small trays often come in a wide variety of shapes. You could select the corner tiered tray or an abstract-shaped one depending on what fits your aesthetic and needs. After nailing down the style tray you want, you should select the material of your tray. I love marble or stone trays like above so you don’t have to worry about water warping or ruining it. I’m also a sucker for wicker so that’s always a superb option and also very trendy right now.

Once you consider the shape and material, you must decide the color of your tray. The color scheme of your restroom can influence your tray choice, but it is also important to consider the brightness in your space. Typically, lighter colors are recommended for smaller spaces as they make the room appear larger. This means if you have a dark space, it may be nice to brighten it up with a wicker or lighter-toned tray. If your space is all light, you may want to ground it with a darker tray. You can’t go wrong with all light colors in a small space either, though!

White tray with blue accents

Once the tray has been chosen, pick a color scheme for it. For smaller spaces like a half bath, I recommend picking one (maybe two) color(s) and selecting different shades of that color for the decorative elements. If blue is your color, find varying shades of blue for each of your elements like a towel, soap dispenser, etcetera. If you’d like to incorporate more colors try finding pieces with accents such as the green flakes in the tray or the gold trim on the toothbrush holder. These accents can help break up the hues of blue in the space.

It is important to use the accents in this tray to tie into the colors of the restroom. If you select blue accents perhaps include blue towels and perhaps a blue painting or wall décor to bring together the theme of the room. This is also the perfect place to bring out colored tile accents or a fun wallpaper, but I’ll save that for another day!

Wicker bathroom tray with neutral accents

If color isn’t your thing, opt for a more neutral color palette! Try a wicker basket, with white, tan, and wood elements. The earthy feel will fit spectacularly into your modern farmhouse bathroom. The lighter tones with the clear glass can trick the eye into thinking the space is larger than it is which is optimal for a tinier room. When creating a neutral palette it is important to incorporate varying elements (such as wood, cotton, and brass) with different textures and shapes! If all of your neutrals are smooth and round, your tray will not present anything intriguing to catch the eye.

Wicker basket with neutral décor and a green towel.

As you pick your colors it is important to also look for pieces that function in your space. Think about what you tend to use the most in a restroom. Do you use makeup removing pads, lotions, soap, or face towels? For me, I use hand soap, face towels, and cotton pads the most so it is important for me to find pieces that allow me to keep those readily available. If you have plenty of drawer space you could even use the cup for a vase for greenery stems or perhaps keep your makeup brushes readily available in there!

I often tend toward items with lids in case things get a bit messy. It makes it easier to hide the mess from day-to-day use especially when the piece performs as a decorative item in the space. If clear jars or topless cups are your jam, candles or cotton pads often fit well without looking messy.

I love that the small tray formula is easy to replicate. If you need a space to house your toothbrush you can swap out a jar for a toothbrush holder and keep the towel and soap dispenser. The key is to find what works best for you! You don’t want to try to cram every necessity onto your counter, but keeping your key items handy in a visually appealing way will make your life much easier.

There are a multitude of options on how to decorate your tiny tray so make it yours. Let me know in the comments below if you gave this tip a try. I’d love to see pictures of how it turned out for you!

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