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2023 Spring Farmhouse Trends You Need In Your Home

Recently, I stopped by the mecca of all things farmhouse to check out what was trending for the 2023 Spring farmhouse interiors. To hint at where I stopped, I was driving from Dallas to San Antonio, Texas, and stopped in Waco where two famous former HGTV celebrities opened their own mini-city filled with all things modern farmhouse. I think you might know exactly who I’m talking about and if you do, you know this will be a blog you don’t want to miss!


2023 Spring Farmhouse Looks

Every year, in fact, every season, farmhouse style evolves more and more. Each evolution appears to become more timeless and classic than the last. Some might venture to say that the modern farmhouse style is outdated, but I would challenge those with that mentality to view it as an evolution instead. Farmhouse design is no longer gimmicky signs and faux antique furniture.

2023 farmhouse interiors now have hints of the old modern farmhouse with more of what is known as transitional and organic modern touches thrown together to create an elevated and luxurious new future for our farmhouse fanatics. For those of you who still love your old style or pieces, I beg you to keep them and be proud. As I always say, anything you truly love will never go out of style.

Now, let’s dive into what is trending for modern farmhouse interiors in the spring of 2023!

Low Seated Furniture

low seated white couch in living room display

For quite some time, modern farmhouse furniture tended towards a more bulky frame. The furniture also seemed to be quite tall with many beds requiring steps to climb onto. There was something quite remarkable about the large nature of these pieces, but 2023 is flipping farmhouse furniture on its head. Instead of tall chairs, beds, and other furniture pieces, low-seated furniture is taking over.

I love the low-profile furniture style because it allows for great sightlines throughout the house. This lends perfectly to modern farmhouse floorplans that are often open-concept. You will have a beautiful view of the house allowing for large, beautiful accents such as large canvases and paintings.

Changing Furniture Style

two organic shaped chairs in small seating vignette

Speaking of furniture, the height isn’t the only thing changing in modern farmhouse design. Spring is bringing a more organic and rounded furniture style to modern farmhouse design. Although this isn’t necessarily a new trend, 2023 is really bringing an emphasis to a softer and less modern look. This means really mixing in more rounded shapes and decreasing the amount of sleek, modern furniture in the space.

This means instead of the typical, squared-off accent chairs that we’ve seen in the past, we are now going to see a lot of rounded chairs with unique accents. I love this not only for the aesthetic quality it brings to the space, but I also find these types of chairs to be far more comfortable than the more modern style furniture.

Bigger Greens

jumbo sized house plant against brick wall decorated with mirrors

Although furniture may be decreasing in 2023, the height of house plants is increasing. Do we have any fellow plant lovers reading along? If so, I know you’re going to love this. The spring will bring bigger and taller plants into interior decor.

This is perhaps one of my favorite trends and I think it will be something quite timeless. Not only are we starting to see more tall stems in large vases in dining table centerpieces and on coffee tables and side tables, but we are also seeing jumbo-sized plants being added into spaces. These tall house plants help draw the eye up creating the illusion of taller ceilings and giving the illusion of a bigger room. I also feel like this gives any space a more luxe and grandeur feel.

Open-Concept Window Dividers

2023 spring farmhouse living room display separated by interior window wall with

I saved the best for last! Sometime during COVID when many of us spent countless hours in our homes and started working full-time from home, the open-concept floor plan became a little less loved. People were frustrated with the lack of separation in their homes and undefined spaces and started closing off areas of their homes again. As a lover of farmhouse-style homes and open-concept floorplans, this really upset me.

I’m delighted to say that 2023 spring farmhouse trends are bringing the most stunning solution to still providing that open floor plan while giving a little more division. In the spring, you will notice that many homes and magazines now feature these stunning window walls to help divide the interior of their home. Not only do they add a jaw-dropping visual, but they also help decrease the noise and provide some structure and separation.

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