floral portrait above farmhouse bed in neutral bedroom

7 Gorgeous Wall Decorations You Have To See

Have you ever laid eyes on one of those wall decorations that stops you in your tracks? You know what I’m talking about. The piece that draws you in and makes everything else start to disappear. If you haven’t had that “awe” moment from a work of art, I hope you get to experience that.

My parent’s wall clock has been that piece for me and for others. It hangs above our fireplace and its light oak coloring stands provides the perfect contrast to the white stone. The clock is also the first thing you see when you walk into the house and has received compliments from nearly every guest that walks in, which is why I think finding the right wall decorations is one of the most important parts of interior decorating.


My Top 7 Wall Decorations

Over the last year, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite wall art pieces that I am so excited to share with you all. Each one is unique and has a different style to suit any taste. If you don’t find your “awe” piece, you will certainly find something you love. Even if it’s just as inspiration for your next piece.

Wall Clock

rustic wall clock above fireplace mantle on white stone fireplace

This one is my personal favorite because I feel like a clock is a timeless and classy piece that can elevate any space. They also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles making it quite versatile for any home. I love the fact that you can find them in many different stores depending on your budget. For instance, the ones at Marshall’s are decent quality at a great price, but you can also find an absolutely stunning clock at Kirkland’s for a bit more.

Abstract Painting

modern abstract painting above modern bedroom dresser

The abstract painting is more for the lover of modern art. The right painting will have your guests stopping in their tracks to admire this stunning work of art. However, if you’re space is quite rustic it may feel a little out of place. You would need to incorporate other modern finishes such as hardware, decorative objects, or other furniture pieces.

Floral Imprint

floral imprint wall decorations

Remember when you were little and your parents let you stick your hands in the concrete they just poured? Whether it was to create garden stepping stones or a sidewalk, it created a special moment in your memory and in your home. It was one of the things I remember most about my grandparent’s house.

That’s probably part of why I love these floral imprint wall decorations. They give a very earthly and organic feel while sticking to a neutral color palette. These feel so elegant that they could fit into practically any space. Plus, florals are what’s in right now; this is a unique take on them that I haven’t seen before.

Framed Fabric

framed fabrics in wall collage with other framed art pieces

Now I must admit, this is a new one for me. I wasn’t a huge fan of the trend at first, but then I saw this gallery wall at the Magnolia Market and completely understood it. I absolutely love the idea of combining a few well-curated fabric selections to create a stylish wall decoration design in your home.

It feels understated, yet powerful. Plus, it’s extremely affordable. I highly recommend it if you haven’t jumped on this trend. You can also complete this look with wallpaper, rugs, or any other similar material. 

Decorative Mirror

rustic framed mirror above sitting nook

We have all seen the TikTok famous Anthropologie mirror by now, right? If you haven’t seen it around, it’s basically an ornate gold-framed mirror that practically every trendy girl under 30 owns. While I find it to be stunning, the $1.2K price tag is completely out of my budget. However, it is a good reminder of how valuable the right mirror can be.

Mirrors come in a variety of styles and price ranges so you can easily find an affordable one for your budget. It’s also the perfect anchor to a sitting nook, buffet table, or any small vignette in your home. I loved this rustic one (pictured above) from the Magnolia Home collection, but I recommend you find one that fits your tastes and your room’s design.

Landscape Paintings

landscape portrait above bed in neutral farmhouse bedroom

Landscape paintings may be one of my absolute favorite art pieces of all time. I am an outdoorsy girl, so anything that showcases nature is totally my jam, but landscape portraits are a special kind of beauty. There are a ton of beautiful pieces and landscapes that can fit any color palette or style.

It’s also a great find for my girls who love neutral and more organic palettes as they tend to come in more muted hues. However, if you’re a fan of more colorful scenes there are also some bright and fun landscape paintings as well. Regardless of your style and design, a landscape portrait could be the perfect choice in wall decorations for your home!

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