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How To Add A Modern Twist To Your Farmhouse

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve been introduced to the modern farmhouse style. Popularized by two famous HGTV stars, the design style uniquely incorporates many different styles into its ever-evolving design. Although the term “modern” appears in the title, I find it the most overlooked style integrated into the large farmhouse umbrella. Why exactly is that?

Perhaps it’s simply because modern accents are a bit easier to come by or maybe it’s because their sleek and simple design works well in almost any setting. However, I believe combining such a simplistic style with a more antiquated one is a lot more challenging than one might believe. The art of combining two drastically different styles deserves a book of its own because when it’s done right, it’s downright stunning!


Modern & Farmhouse

modern black railing on staircase

Have you ever found yourself styling a space that seems a bit less cohesive? For instance, you might have a modern work of art that just doesn’t seem to fit with your antique accent chair. If this sounds familiar, this is the blog for you. I’m going to show you how to add modern accents to your home that not only look great and function with your farmhouse-style decorations but also add value to your home.

Start With The Basics

modern gold fan in farmhouse bedroom

When you first move into a home it’s fairly skin and bones. You have your cabinets, flooring, and light fixtures. Then, when you sell your home the only thing you’re selling are those bones. This is why I highly recommend using a modern style for your light fixtures. Updating your outdated lighting will significantly increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to all buyers and not just lovers of farmhouse design.

The modern lighting accent will also help tie together some of your more modern accents. That black abstract sculpture that once seemed out of place can now tie in perfectly with your matte black chandelier. My recommendation is to be mindful about creating the most impact with your lighting while considering what decorative pieces will work best with your new lights!

Pick A Bold Accent

Black subway tile in chevron pattern on one wall of a black and white shower

Basic houses are boring (unless that’s your thing of course). Instead of selecting shiplap or subway tile in every space in your home, go bold. Find a unique and modern tile that will create a statement in your home. Once you find the perfect one, relay it throughout other parts of your home. If you find a sleek, black backsplash for your kitchen, use that same tile in a shower niche or behind your bathroom vanity.

The continuity will create a put-together look which will help sell your home faster. Plus, a modern tile can be dressed up or down. It can be the perfect backdrop for your farmhouse decorations or align with a more modern design. This gives you unlimited versatility and makes it easy to transition through the continuous evolution we see with modern farmhouse design.

Upgrade Your Cabinet Doors

modern grey cabinets with sleek hardware in a grey and white bathroom

We all know how much cabinets can date a home. If you don’t, head to Zillow or and check out a few different kitchens. You’ll quickly notice that the more ornate cabinets with that orange-ish color make the house look extremely dated. However, the most up-to-date kitchens will have flat, sleek cabinets with little to no detailing. This is currently quite on trend and I think it will be in style for a while.

So how do you get that modern look without a big budget? Instead of re-doing your cabinets completely either replace the cabinet doors or place some kind of veneer or sheet over the top for a more classic and timeless look. This will add immense value to the home and put the “modern” in your modern farmhouse. My only suggestion here is to make sure you opt for a more antique or rustic knob or pull to help tie together the two styles.

Swap The Hardware

Black marble counter in bathroom with modern brass faucet and mirror

Similar to the other items I listed, upgrading your hardware can add a ton of value to your home. Although you could find a rustic faucet to finish off your farmhouse bathroom, not all buyers may love it as much as you. So if you’re considering the resale value of your home or looking to elevate your style to something more timeless, listen up. Not everything in your home needs to scream “rustic” or “farmhouse”

Swap out all of your faucets, door knobs, cabinet pulls, or any other hardware in your home for something more modern. By modernizing these little accents your home will look far more classic and you can let your decorations and furniture bring in the more farmhouse style. The modern elements will allow you to add pops of modern decor while also giving you room to play with more antique, and rustic pieces without falling into the gimmicky farmhouse category.

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