Vogue's 2023 design trends in organic modern living room

How To Incorporate Vogue’s 2023 Design Trends Into Your Farmhouse

Vogue’s 2023 design predictions are trending all over the internet. Whether you love or hate interior design trends, it’s always fun to understand what’s current and see which styles are being reinvented in new ways. I personally love a good trend, but I also understand the importance of developing your own style. Trends are perfect for incorporating into your smaller pieces such as art, small decorations, and linens.


What To Take From Vogue’s 2023 Design Trends

However, I also understand the importance of developing one’s own personal style. Once you find pieces and design styles that suit your personal tastes, you will create an elegant and timeless home. Vogue’s 2023 design trends have the potential to add some classic new character to your home. Keep reading to see how you can incorporate these new trends into your farmhouse!

Add Earth Tones

earth toned organic modern living room

Starting with a simple one, Earth tones are going to be all the rage this year. That means we will see tons of rich, warm browns, sage greens, and various tan and cream hues. Basically, all of your natural earthy colors will flood every store’s showrooms. Regardless of scale, this beautiful color scheme is easy to implement into your space.

Have a white, tan, or brown couch? Throw in various brown throw pillows and a throw blanket in the same color palette. Want to go all in? Paint your walls a beautiful brown or add an earthy wallpaper.

However you want to scale it, you can easily add an earthy touch to any space in your farmhouse. I see elements of this trend staying timeless, but just like anything else, too much of anything isn’t a good thing. If you desire something a bit more classic, try adding small touches of brown without going overboard.

Silver & Iron Accents

barn door with geometric pattern and iron and silver accents

This one is a true classic. Modern farmhouse design is famous for mixing metals and I’m glad to see silver make a strong comeback. We’ve recently seen a lot of gold or brass, making silver a welcome change. How good will silver and iron look you ask?

I promise it’s far more timeless than you think. Imagine silver knobs and pulls on your kitchen cabinetry with beautiful iron lighting. The key to mixing metals is to keep all similar metals on one sightline and then incorporate your various metals into your decor. It’s a delicate balance that when well done can turn into a masterpiece.


living room with raw elements, organic textures and geometric shapes from brutalism

Originating from the post-Mid-Century era, brutalism is known for its use of raw materials, textured surfaces, simple silhouettes, and geometric shapes. Sounds dreamy, right? It’s practically my ideal interior and I’m so glad it’s making a major comeback in 2023.

This is something I feel can be done in a timeless way, if done tastefully. For instance, concrete backsplash or showers, a well-executed limewash wall, and a stone slab fireplace. These classic design trends will most certainly withstand the test of time.

If you aren’t sold on something so large-scale, try adding a few ceramic vases, add a bulkier accent chair with sharp edges, and keep decor fairly minimal. Basically, utilize raw elements, clean lines, and low lighting.

Stone Trim

stone fireplace in farmhouse living room design

I love the use of stone in interior design. There is something so classy and timeless, which is why it’s been a prominent material used throughout history. Typically, stone is utilized on the outside of the home or on the fireplace. Now, we are starting to see more accents of stone throughout the interior.

2022 started to incorporate stone as an option for an accent wall or backsplash. 2023 is incorporating it in a smaller, but very powerful way. Vogue mentioned that stone trim around doorways will be a huge trend this year. I think it’s a simple addition you can make to any doorway in your home, but I do love the idea of it on a grand archway.

Textured Tile

textured ceramic tile as kitchen backsplash with open shelving

This last one isn’t necessarily new, but it’s going to really take over this year. In line with brutalism and raw materials, the sleek subway tile we’ve come to love in modern farmhouse design is taking a back seat to its sexy sister! Textured tile is in and it’s obvious why. Textured tiles such as ceramic provide movement and organic element that’s been missing for a while in farmhouse design.

Obviously, incorporating this new tile from Vogue’s 2023 design trends will be a bit more of a heavy undertaking than swapping your old pillows for brown ones, but the finished product will be worth the labor. The key is to start small. Perhaps begin by adding the tile backsplash to a half bathroom or laundry room. These rooms require a bit less material and time and are a great starting spot to try something new in your home.

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