black, grey and green color schemes in a modern farmhouse

4 Of The Most Stunning Trending Color Schemes Of 2023

One of my favorite parts of each new year is checking out what color schemes are trending. For a long time, grey had a strong grip on the modern farmhouse community. I was a huge supporter of all grey kitchens, grey walls, and grey furniture. Fortunately, grey has come and gone and we have already started to see warmer color palettes make a comeback in 2022.


2023 Color Schemes

So what’s in store for 2023 you ask? We will be seeing a ton of magnificently rich and warm color palettes filled with various brown tones. The core of these palettes will feature warm-toned neutrals with small pops of muted colors such as green and blue. You will still see a few pops of grey, but it will be seen tastefully as an accent color in a far richer color palette.

The new year will play off of the popular neutral palettes of 2022 with a fun twist. Instead of all neutral spaces, 2023 color schemes will incorporate casual pops of color that are so muted, they could be mistaken for a neutral. Dark, moody spaces will also still be in but you will definitely see a subtle shift towards lighter spaces with pops of darker colors.

Color Scheme #1 – Earthy Neutrals

This may be one of my absolute favorite color palettes. The earthy neutrals color scheme consists of green, brown, and camel. The green in this palette is more of a muted hue that could be mistaken for a neutral one. The browns of this palette consist of deep browns which help offset the lighter camel and green colors.

With three powerful colors, you’ll want to be sure not to do too much of each. Instead, follow the 60-30-10 rule. 60 percent should be one color, 30 percent should be your secondary color and 10 percent should be your third or additional accent colors. In the living room pictured above, you can see that the green is the 60, the camel is the 30, and the brown and other colors are the 10.

Color Scheme #2 – Industrial Chic

industrial metal and leather chairs around circular dining room table

Do you love the vibe of an industrial design, but want to add a softer touch to it? Then the Industrial chic color palette is perfect for you! This beautiful palette consists of brown, grey, and black. It may sound dark and dreary, but it’s actually quite dreamy when properly executed.

This color palette requires a strong balance of light and dark accents to ensure the space isn’t too dark. The key is to find a few light grey and brown tones to accent your darker blacks and browns. Your darker accents should be powerful pops against a light background. You can achieve this by adding black metal and dark brown leather accents such as ceiling beams, leather furniture, and metal frames.

Color Scheme #3 – Beachy Farmhouse

green, cream and blue decorative accents on a shelf

The beachy farmhouse color palette is aptly named because it takes the light greens and blues often found in coastal designs. What could be better than a beachy farmhouse? Honestly, it’s a beautiful and fresh take on a light, airy color palette that incorporates pops of color instead of neutrals.

Once again, the blues and greens won’t be bright. Instead, we will see a lot of muted hues such as sage green or stone blue. Due to their dull appearance, they will give the illusion of being neutral but in a fun new way! Because this is a trend, I recommend making your larger purchases and pieces your cream or neutral, while updating your smaller decorations such as pillow covers to these new blue and green accents.

Color Scheme #3 – Grey Reinvented

cream couch in living room with grey and green accents

I know I said grey was out, but it’s not completely true. It looks like modern farmhouse designers are starting to dip their toes back into the world of grey in a much smaller way. Instead of grey walls, grey furniture, and grey floors, interior designers are starting to incorporate subtle touches of greys into warmer color palettes. This helps grey feel less cold and more welcoming.

The re-invented grey color palette incorporates a lot of creams and green with small touches of grey. The cream has a warm undertone that compliments the bold olive or sage green pops. These rich tones help to warm up the lighter pops of grey, making this one of the top color schemes this season. Think green and cream furniture with a touch of grey in the area rug.

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