modern farmhouse nightstand with picture frame and plant

5 Simple Nightstand Decor Ideas For Your Bedroom Oasis

Have you found the perfect nightstand for your bedroom? Congratulations! I know just how challenging it can be to find nightstands that fit into your vision for your dream bedroom. If you’ve found some, then you’ve already won half the battle!

Now that you have a pair of stunning nightstands for your bedroom oasis, I’m sure you’re left wondering what to decorate them with. Luckily, there are many ways to decorate your nightstand ranging from a minimal setup to a maximalist one with a ton of personality. Either way, I’ve got a decorative solution for you.


Before Decorating Your Nightstand

Your nightstand decor may depend on the purpose you need your bedside table to serve along with the size of your nightstand. If you have a smaller nightstand and you need it to place electronics or other devices, you may want to consider a more maximal decoration. If you have a larger nightstand and plan to place things inside its drawers, you could go for a very maximalist design. Just be sure to be mindful of the purpose and function your nightstand will serve.

A Minimal Approach

glam lamp on wooden and metal nightstand

Not all nightstands need an elaborate decorative display. Some can take a far simpler approach with only the bare essentials. A single lamp is my go-to design for guest rooms, kids’ rooms, and bedrooms with smaller bedside tables. The simplistic design gives an elegant, elevated look while also allowing for a very functional space.

Without a cluttered nightstand filled with miscellaneous decor, you can now utilize the extra space for phones, other electronics, a sleepy-time drink, or anything else you like to keep close to your bedside. With such a minimal design, I do find it imperative to utilize a lamp with some character. Use one with a bold color, fun print, or a lot of texture to help create some visual intrigue.

The Book Stack

Blue textured lamp on glam nightstand with book stack

This one is almost as easy as a singular lamp, but it has a little added pizazz. Start with a lamp and then find yourself a couple of decorative books. Stack them straight on top of one another, or give them a little flair with a spiral. Place them slightly offset on either side of the lamp that is centered on the nightstand.

Before you go out and buy some overpriced decorative books, try looking at a few of your old hardcovers. Take the cover off of them and see which ones go best with the colors in your space. If you don’t have any lying around you can easily head to a resale store and find a few antique books that go best with your space.

The Stackable

farmhouse black lamp with book stack and plant on top

Similar to layering clothes and jewelry, it’s also a great way to decorate your nightstand. If the stack of books left you feeling a little lackluster, you may want to play with layering on additional items to your stacks. Try adding a plant, decorative jewelry bowl, or candle on top of your stack of books.

Whatever you chose to stack on top of your books should incorporate a new texture or element to the room to help add some visual intrigue. You can tie in the piece with a color, pattern, or material that’s already in the space. You can incorporate balance by doing the same on either side or you can also keep the balance by adding a different item with a similar height on the other side like a candlestick or a taller decorative object.

The Triangle

white textured lamp with plant and book

Do you have a larger nightstand or want more for your decor? The triangle may be perfect for you. It’s easy to execute and there are a million ways to style it and make it your own. Sound good to you?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Start with a lamp or taller decorative object
  2. Find two other decorative pieces of different sizes
  3. Fashion the two objects on either side of the lamp to create a visual triangle

It’s really that simple. Once you get comfortable you can get really creative with how you incorporate the triangle into your design. You can stack books under one of the objects or find other ways to layer them. At the end of the day, the important thing is that you have three separate groupings of various heights.

The Maximalist

maximal nightstand decor with colorful decorative accents

Last, but not least, the maximalist design is the ultimate collage of decorative items. This one is truly best for larger nightstands that serve a mainly decorative purpose. For this, you’ll want to break your hard surface into at least two “zones.” In each zone, you will create an independent visual triangle.

For instance, on the left side of the nightstand, you could have a lamp, clock, and carafe. On the right side, you could have a plant, picture frame, and book. These two sections help create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

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