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5 Of The Best Coffee Table Decorations & How To Style Them

Finding the right coffee table decorations to style it with can be a challenge. Recently, my mom and I have been on a journey to find the perfect coffee table decor for her new (and very large) table. She’s felt quite overwhelmed with the size of the piece and what to put on it. Unfortunately, this is a challenge many people face when decorating their homes.


How do I pick the right coffee table decorations?

Luckily, many people are just overcomplicating the process. That’s why I’ve decided to share my five favorite coffee table decorations. These are all pieces you can commonly find displayed on coffee tables of any shape or size. The right combination of these items will make for a beautiful display.

As I walk through each of the decorations, I will also share some potential ideas and inspirational photos on how to use each of these pieces. Ready? Let’s do this!


decorative book displays surrounding tall vase filled with greens on round coffee table

Books are the solution-all for a home, starting with the most classic and timeless decoration. I can’t think of any place in your house a book doesn’t belong, which is why it has landed at number one on our list for coffee table decor. Your coffee table is the perfect time to bring out your bigger decorative books and display them in various ways.

Stack the books on top of each other for a beautiful under-table display or leave one splayed open on top of your table for a beautiful finishing touch. You can also layer a book stack under other decorations such as a decorative bowl, candlesticks, or a small potted plant.


decorative books under decorative bowls displayed on farmhouse coffee table

Coming in at number two, decorative bowls are a modern farmhouse decor staple! Bowls make for the perfect coffee table decoration as you can fill them with greens, stash some snacks, or leave it empty. Regardless of how you utilize them, bowls can truly elevate any space. They are classic, and chic and add that little bit of height to help create some visual intrigue.

So how do you style them? You can place a big bowl with greens on its own in the center or you can stack a smaller bowl on top of a stack of books. Your bowl could be empty, or you can fill it with anything relevant to your space. I prefer the look of an empty bowl if the coffee table is a little fuller, but an open table deserves a bowl with some greens.

Candles or Candlesticks

tapered candles in unique candle holder on eclectic coffee table design with books and large vase

I lumped these two together because you can really go with either, but I wouldn’t do both in one display. Candlesticks and candles are one of the most timeless decorations you can find. These will never go out of style, and you can use them in practically every space of your home. Obviously, your coffee table is no exception.

I like to stack a couple of candlesticks or large candle on top of a book stack. This adds height to create balance or visual intrigue on top of the coffee table. I do prefer to use thin metal candlesticks to give a bit more elegance to the space. You can also use pillar candles to help create the same look with something a little thicker.


simplistic coffee table decorations with plant on top of books and a beautiful black chair with a candle and wick cutter

We all love a good decorative tray in our kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, but did you know they also make for the perfect coffee table centerpiece? Whether it’s just part of your larger design or the singular table decoration, you can get really creative with it. The size of your tray and coffee table will guide you into how you should decorate it.

A long tray can be filled with greenery and pillar candles for an organic centerpiece. A circular tray would look lovely with a potted plant, a stack of books, and a couple of candlesticks. If your tray is your only centerpiece for the coffee table, feel free to fill it with a decorative storage box, draped with a bead strand, a vase filled with greens, and a few decorative coasters. This way your tray is both stylish and practical.


eclectic coffee table design in neutral farmhouse living room with books, decorative bowls and a large vase with greenery stems

One thing you may have realized by now is that all of the decorations for your coffee table are classic, versatile pieces that can work almost anywhere in your home. Greenery is no exception to the rules and comes in many shapes, sizes and varieties. That is also what makes it the perfect addition to your coffee table decor.

You can add a small potted plant on top of a book stack or beautiful greenery stems to a vase for a singular centerpiece. Need something a little lower profile for your coffee table decorations? Try adding a few greenery stems or poofs to a large decorative bowl. 

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