yellow throw pillows in organic modern living room design

8 Stylish Throw Pillow Combinations You Need To See

I’ve recently fallen in love with the mix-and-match throw pillow trend. Don’t get me wrong, many of the rooms I design still have the traditional matching throw pillows on either side of the couch, but my heart is pulling me in a different direction now. If you haven’t seen the mix-and-match pillow trend, it basically involves various coordinated pillows with different colors, patterns, and textures neatly displayed on either a couch, chair, or bed. While none of these pillows match, they appear to flow together perfectly.


Picking The Right Throw Pillow Combination

While this trend may be beautiful, it’s not as easy to execute as the traditional matching throw pillow strategy. Similar to matching furniture sets, although they are convenient to use, taking a little more time to find unique pieces will provide you with a more designer look. Hence why I love this new style of throw pillow decor. 

To help get you started on creating a more luxurious look with throw pillows, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite popular pillow color combinations. Although it’s not only about the color, this will also help get you started in the right direction! I should note that these expert color combinations are still great to see even if you want to stick to your matching pillow sets!

Green, Beige & White

green, white, and tan throw pillows on farmhouse bed

Starting off with a classic, I will name this one “nature’s beauty.” Green, beige, and white are among the most timeless color combinations in interior design. Each of these elements is commonly found in nature which makes any space feel a bit more organic. The colors are simple and most of the time, the green is a bit more muted and could pass for a purely neutral color palette.

If you desire a color scheme that you know will withstand the test of time, pick this one. You can always spice it up over time by mixing in another color like camel or black for a bit more contrast.

Grey & White

organic modern living room design with grey and white throw pillows

This grey and white pillow combination is what I like to call “the farmhouse classic.” Why? Because since its inception, modern farmhouse design has often been categorized or popularized by its famous (or perhaps now infamous) grey and white color palette. In moderation, I still find this duo to be extraordinarily chic and timeless which is why I’ve included it on my top seven list of pillow color combinations.

The casual nature of this combination blends into the background and allows your other accent pieces to take center stage. That is why this is one of the perfect color palettes for those just beginning their journey into the world of mixing and matching throw pillows.

Green & Blue

pale blue and olive green throw pillows in an organic modern living room

Unlike the previous versions of green and blue throw pillows (which I have also loved), this new dynamic incorporates more muted hues for a classier aesthetic. I love how you still accomplish that same color pop while somehow still maintaining a more neutral look and feel. I dub this the “French Country Affair” for its luxurious take on a modern farmhouse color combo classic.

Black, White & Grey

black, white, and grey throw pillows on sectional in farmhouse living room

A black, white, and grey color scheme is honestly what I call the “Trendy Timeless.” This color palette has honestly taken on a life of its own in the last few years but it will be around for a long time. Black adds a beautiful dramatic contrast to the traditional grey and white farmhouse colors creating a bold statement in your home.

Cream, Tan & White

tan, cream, and white two pillows on a white couch

I am a huge fan of this light and airy color palette, especially for smaller and darker spaces. A lot of times smaller smaces need a little help brightening up to make them feel bigger. A tan, cream, and white color palette provides a breath of fresh air to bring life into a dull space. It’s also a refreshing change from the moody and dark color palette that has recently grown in popularity.

Black, Beige & Grey

brown wicker patieo furniture with tan, black and grey throw pillows

I have aptly named this one the “happy medium.” The juxtaposition of light and dark provides the perfect balance in any space. The neutral palette works well in any space and provides plenty of variation to create variation in the room around it. It can also help tie in the surrounding colors of the space.

White, Coral, Greige & Blue

coral, navy, tan, and white pillow combination on a white couch

Have you heard about the coastal grandma style that is trending for young women? Essentially, it’s a fashion style imitating a more formal and sophisticated beach outfit. This color scheme reminds gives me the same classy beach vibe, so I’ve named this pillow combination the coastal grandma. The bright pop of color offsets the deep blue hues creating a beautiful balance.

Now, this pillow palette might not be for everyone but it’s certainly one to try if you would like a little more color. Farmhouse design tends to revolve around neutral color schemes so something with a little pop is a welcome change in my book!

Tan, Yellow & Cream

coastal farmhouse living room yellow, tan, and cream

Never have I ever been a fan of yellow, but this color palette has stolen my heart. The pale yellow blends flawlessly with the tan and cream, creating almost an ombre effect. This throw pillow combination could pass for a neutral color scheme, but it also provides just the right sprinkle of color to provide a little variety.

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