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Trendy, Yet Classic Color Schemes

Modern farmhouse interiors often consist of neutrals, off whites, and greiges (beige greys) with pops of color thrown in. It’s the interior we’ve grown to love, but 2022 raised the bar for color schemes. Long gone are the days of all grey kitchens and all-white bathrooms with subway tile. This year, the farmhouse gurus introduced warmer neutrals, tons of natural wood accents, and stunning color combinations.

I’ve pulled together the top trending palettes from this year to help share with you! These classical combinations will withstand the test of time, so you don’t have to worry about dating your home with these updates.

Beige, linen and white fabric samples

I call this one “Beige Bliss.” The light, neutral-colored palette gives a fresh, resort-like feel to your modern farmhouse. This is perfect for those who loved the pristine white farmhouse trend. The warmer neutrals, mixed with cooler white tones provide more dimension than its stark white predecessor. The organic nature of the color scheme lends the opportunity to play with patterns, textures, and natural accents. I highly recommend this palette for rooms that you want a more relaxed vibe in such as your bedroom or living room.

Want to know how to create the Beige Bliss palette in your home? Here are a few items to look for:

1 . Warm, White Paint Colors

Opt for paint colors such as Linen White or Tapestry Beige by Benjamin Moore. The walls should be a warm canvas for your furniture and floors to stand out against. I don’t recommend accent walls unless you find a casual, neutral option that blends seamlessly into the background.

2. Linen or tan furniture

Whether it’s leather or fabric, find good tan or linen-colored furniture. These pieces will be able to transition with you as trends change so find a classical style that you love and stick with it .

3. Waffle or knit blankets

Play with texture here! Find neutral-colored blankets with lots of texture. Both of these fabric types work well to provide a warm and welcoming feel to your space.

4. Wicker baskets or trays

I’m a huge fan of wicker and thankfully it’s back in style. Try to stray from the more yellow-toned wicker and instead stick to the cooler hues. I love tossing my extra throw blankets into a wicker basket by the fireplace to make curling up by the fire cute and functional.

5. Natural wood accents

Opt for white oaks or American hard maples that provide a classic, clean look. Stray from the pale woods that tend towards yellow as they can pull yellows from places you don’t want. Add in pale wood accent tables, wood beams, or decorations for an organic touch.

linens and tans with darker brown accents

If you love the linen Beige Bliss but need a bit more depth and dimension, try out the “Breige About It” palette. This combines the light linen scheme with darker brown pops. The light colors and earthly tones make this timeless scheme a home run. Once again, this palette requires a mix of textures to pull together the complete look. The dark browns mean you can integrate more leathers and deep wood tones, though.

Here are a couple of key items you need to complete the Breige About It look:

  1. Dark wood or brown tiled floors
  2. Leather accent chairs
  3. Dark stained wood furniture or accent decor
  4. Light white, tan, or cowhide rugs
  5. Textured, soft throw pillows
Black, white and leather color palette

Akin to the two softer, neutral color schemes, the black, white, and tan palette is perfect for those in search of something bolder. Black is making a big comeback in 2022 with accent walls, doors, metal accents, and more. This timeless palette puts a fun twist to softer neutrals and screams sophistication. This color scheme can work in any space in your home, but here are a few tips to integrate this palette into your place:

1. Black paint

Whether you paint an accent wall or your doors black, adding a bit of black paint will bring a bold look to your home. Try Tricorn black or Black Magic by Sherwin Williams for the perfect black color in your home.

2. Add in metals

Incorporate black metals into your home through pulls, light fixtures, or furniture pieces. Simply swapping your old gold or chrome hardware for black will help tie together the room.

3. Opt for a honey tan or light brown leather

Instead of dark brown or orange-ish leathers, opt for a lighter brown hue that will add a splash of color to the space. If you don’t want to empty your wallet buying an expensive leather couch, try adding smaller accents such as a leather pillow or tray.

4. Add plants

This organic color palette lends the opportunity to go overboard with greens. Add plants in your wall decor, on tabletops, or even on the floor – the more the merrier!

Black, white and green palette

Speaking of earthy greens, this next color palette gives you everything you could ask for. A pop of color, bold blacks, and all the pale neutrals you could ever want. Not only is green my favorite color, but it’s also the perfect trendy addition for your home this season. Selecting greens can be a bit tricky, so I went ahead and compiled a list of my favorite green paint colors this year:

  • Farrow & Ball’s Green Smoke
  • Benjamin Moore’s Limesicle
  • Benjamin Moore’s Soft Fern
  • Sherwin William’s Softened Green
  • Benjamin Moore’s Meditteranean Teal

The key is to mix varying hues of greens from your plants to paint color. The different greens will blend flawlessly together and stand out against the stark black and softer linen colors. Once again, the classic color combination will be one for the ages.

Blue, white, and tan color scheme

The final trending palette of 2022 involves hues of blues. The integration of browns and tans with pops of blue meshes French Country beautifully with modern farmhouse. Blues have almost always been a staple in farmhouse design, so it’s nice to see them making a major comeback in interior design this year. The refreshing palette brings a calming aura into any room.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration, here are a few ideas for how to bring blue hues into your home:

1. Contrast with white accents

Add in rustic white pieces such as candlesticks, weathered white furniture, or blankets. The bright whites will help balance the deep blues.

2. Mix blue hues & textures

Don’t get a bunch of identical blue pieces. Instead, find ways to incorporate different textures and tones. Add softer blue linens to the stage next to your dark blue wall. The most important thing is to repeat the varying blues throughout the space to ensure they blend pseamlessly together.

3. Don’t overdo the blue

The one thing that will date your space, is incorporating too much blue. Don’t make the linens, comforter, rug, and walls all blue. Make sure you strategically place sprinkles of blue into the space but balance them out with your tans, whites, and browns. If you have a blue wall, try adding in some white and brown furniture and top with throw pillows or blankets with small flecks of blue. Think of your neutrals as a base and the blue as an accent instead of the other way around!

Array of colorful fabric samples

At the end of the day, choose a color palette that makes you happy! If these trending color schemes don’t tickle your fancy, find something that does! Have any questions about choosing the right pieces for your color palette? Let me know in the comments below!

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