The 5 Non-Negotiable Rug Spaces In Your Home.

Let’s talk about rugs. They not only help define a space, but they can add character, tie together your color palette, bring warmth to the space, and so much more. The multi-faceted decorative piece truly defines versatility and timelessness. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and fit practically anywhere in your home. This can lead to rugs being either the most fun or most challenging piece to decorate with.

Although you can add a rug to almost any space, there are a few locations in your home that must have one! Today I hope to help simplify which rugs to put where in your home so you can focus on the fun of finding the one you love.

Grey and white rugs in front of the vanity and the bathtub

The first place you need a rug shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Everyone needs a rug in front of the shower or tub in your bathroom. Not only does it serve an aesthetic purpose here, but it also catches any water droplets and prevents slippage. Rectangular or round rugs work well in smaller bathrooms, but in larger, more elongated layouts like the master, a runner is the perfect solution. The slim design helps accentuate the expansive nature of the space often making the room look larger than it actually is.

The material here is more of a personal preference, but I would rather have a generously soft material to step onto once I get out of the shower. Select a cotton or chenille option for something a bit fluffier, but opt for nylon or polyester if you’re looking for durability. These may fall a little less on the fluffy side, but they’ll last you quite some time with the proper care.

grey and white patterned rugs in front of a white master vanity

The second mandatory rug home isn’t too far from the tub or shower. Required rug home number two is of course your bathroom vanity. Once again, both practicality and style are important here. Find a plush, stylish option to place in front of your restroom sinks. Depending on the bathroom and vanity dimensions, the recommended size of this rug will vary greatly.

A master bath rug, when used as a focal point, will take up more space and should be around 27″ x 45″ to make the bold statement you’re looking for. In front of a double vanity, opt for something closer to 22″ x 60″. Then for a smaller, singular vanity select something in the 17″ x 24″ to the 21″ x 34″ range. These dimensions are estimates. Please measure your bathroom for exact dimensions as each bathroom’s dimensions will vary greatly. Try to use the above suggestions as a guideline, but have fun with your selection!

grey and white rug in kitchen

The next space that requires a rug is your kitchen sink. This is a very high traffic area with quite a lot of mess. Water, food, and other liquids often spill in this space so your chosen rug should be durable and easy to clean. If it’s in your budget, this is the ideal location for a washable rug. If not, indoor/outdoor rugs made of recycled polyester are easy to clean making them a close second.

As far as sizing goes, a typical runner (2.5′ x 8′ or 2.5′ x 12′) usually nestles neatly between your sink and cabinets. Depending on your floor plan, you may need a different size but I recommend sticking around the 2′ x 3′, 4′ x 6′, or 5’8′ range. Always measure your space first for a better idea of what size works best in your kitchen.

grey and white patterned entry way rug

This space may be a bit of a stretch as mandatory, but it most certainly is a non-negotiable in my book. As the first place, your guests see in your home, I firmly believe adding a rug in the entryway will automatically make your home feel warmer and more inviting. Foyer rugs are a bit trickier to generalize as the dimensions will vary greatly depending on the floorplan of your home and furniture selection in the space. The one thing I highly recommend is considering the amount of traffic this space gets. If you have a lot of traffic through your front door, select a rug with more pattern or darker colors to help camouflage any dirt that may be tracked in from the outside.

Living Room rug white with grey, cream, and brown accents

Last, but certainly not least, please put a rug in any room in an open concept floorplan. This one is truly more of a personal preference, but let me help explain my position here. I am quite fond of the open floor layouts that have almost become synonymous with modern farmhouse interiors. However, I often find that often times rooms in open layouts lack definition. This can create a bit of a cluttered eclectic look and not in a good way. When the space isn’t well defined even the most beautifully decorated spaces will fall flat.

Adding an appropriately sized rug to your open concept living and dining room can help create individual, eye-catching spaces. The most important words here are “appropriately sized.” As a general rule of thumb, your rug should be two feet shorter than your shortest wall, but more importantly, the rug should fit partially, if not entirely, under all major furniture pieces in the space. Once you find the right size, you can branch out to play with patterns and colors that set the tone for the rest of your space!

4 vastly different rugs hung on a store display.

Now that you know the basics, go out and play with different colors, shapes, and textures. Rug selections vary greatly so let me know in the comments below if you’d like more information on choosing the right rug for your space!

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