How to Make A Room Look Larger

How to Make A Room Look Larger

Sometimes it feels like all we need is just bit more space, doesn’t it? Living in a farmhouse can feel this way more times than not. Since remodeling, it’s been a goal to fill our home with light and airy-ness, being careful not to fill it. As we’ve remodeled, re-designed and re-configured, we have come to realize that there are hints to getting a room feeling larger than it actually is. Luckily, the tips we discovered aligned with our design aesthetic so we were able to execute. Let’s get a list going. We love lists.

Scaling down is key. This can be challenging, be forewarned.  Just as we’ve suggested in past posts to scale down when organizing spaces for extra storage, this can be crucial in getting your room feeling a bit, well, roomier. The main idea here is to focus on proportions. Large pieces that may bump up against crevices or borders are automatically too large to live in this space. Heavy pieces such as big cozy couches may not be the best option. Set your eyes on a sleeker design. Don’t worry, it is still possible to maintain the same amount of seating. 

Furniture that is lower to the ground will naturally lend more space vertically which in turn works in all directions. Mid-century style or 19th century furniture are both a great design approach to follow this tip, as most pieces are low and sleek. This also helps modernize the farmhouse a bit. Try to pick pieces of furniture that show more leg than base. This goes hand-in-hand with lower furniture, such as the mid-century aesthetic. Pieces that show more leg allow the air and light to move more fluidly throughout the room, leaving the illusion of a larger space.

When it comes to décor, adding mirrors to a wall really help give the illusion of a bigger area because of the view it shows. Mirrors tend to trick the eye into thinking a room is more than it actually is. We love this idea because it is easy, can be inexpensive and can also add so much personality. Maybe it’s an antique mirror from the family or just a killer mirror found in shopping travels.

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Envision the room in the nude. That’s right. Say goodbye to drapery and possibly even a rug. Think about it, when rugs are added to spaces they typically tend to make the room feel a bit more cozy and “decorated”. When eliminating this piece, the room opens itself up by showing off its wide-open flooring. We like wide open spaces.

White It Out

White, white, white. Paint your walls and ceilings white. The reflective components that white offers cannot be beat. It gives off a calm, serene, airy and light vibe that is always welcome. It is a simple effect, one we have grasped and adore.  Emphasize the best characteristics of your room or house and paint the place white! This is easy, inexpensive and can be DIY.

Veritcal and horizontal effects will help the eye to travel around the room in a light and airy fashion. Maybe this is why shiplap has become all the rage?! Adding horizontal shiplap to the bottom half of our dining room really created the open vibe we were hoping to achieve. It also adds just enough texture so that the room doesn’t feel too open, yet cozy. Just large enough to congregate, pass through and enjoy. By adding this element, we were able to include some fun artwork above the shiplap as well, without minimizing the size of the space.

Vertical and Horizontal Lines

Make way for clear pathways. For example, rather than placing a table in the middle of the room, try pushing it to one side (not up against a wall, as that would potentially create a claustrophobic feel depending on the size of the room). This defines the dining space while leaving a walk way so no one bumps! This works great in smaller homes where space is limited and tables may have dual (or more) purposes (home office, eating, buffet set-up when hosting). This way you are set-up for success no matter what the situation!

Just like the color white on the walls and ceiling, keeping any fabric choices light and airy is the way to get a more spacious room. After all, when it is hot in the summer you don’t like to be bombarded with heavy, dark-colored fabrics, right? So, use that same train of thought when decorating a small room that you wish to seem a bit larger. Soft tones also allow for that calming and serene vibe we’ve already mentioned.

We hope these tips help you gain a little extra fresh air and breathing room in your space. A new perspective! Low ceilings and small room sizes are typical in a farmhouse so it is important to embrace some of these hints. No need for that cozy to feel like the room is caving in on you! Simplicity. Keep it simple stupid.

Making a Room Look Larger

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