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4 Affordable DIYs To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Affordable DIYs and a more expensive home are two phrases you don’t often hear next to one another. Unfortunately, over the last few years, DIYs have received quite a reputation for looking cheap. Many people have strayed from even attempting to complete DIY projects to avoid making their houses feel cheap. The truth is the right DIY can look really good and improve the overall feel of your home.


Deciding On Your Affordable DIYs

So how do you know which DIYs will make your house feel more luxurious and which ones will make your home look cheap? I try to think of the following questions when evaluating if a DIY will be good for my home:

  1. Do I have the necessary skills to complete this DIY?
  2. Do I already have the tools needed? How much will they cost me versus how much does a professional service cost?
  3. If I mess it up, is it easy to fix?

Typically, if the DIY requires a low skill level, few tools, and is easy to fix your mistakes, there’s a good chance that it’s a pretty good DIY. Let me show you four easy DIY projects that fit those three categories you can do right away to elevate your home.

Swapping Lampshades

blue lampshade on gold lamp in eclectic living room

Do you feel like your lamp feels outdated or drab? Perhaps you also don’t have the budget to purchase a new lamp or just don’t want to. The good news is, you don’t have to. Instead, start by swapping out the lampshade for a new one.

I commonly see that people think their lamps are outdated or just don’t fit the style of their home. In most of these cases, the lampshade looks like it’s been on the lamp for about 10 years and is dingy and starting to pill.

Swapping out the shade for a different shape or color to help fit the new vibe of the space. All you have to do is find your new shade and twist the light bulb off and back on to replace the old one. It’s easy, effective, and extremely affordable.

Paint Your Hardware

Matte black hardware affordable DIYs in farmhouse bathroom

Hardware is one of those sneaky costs. Although you can find some affordable options, the cost adds up when you count the number of pieces you need to swap and the time investment it takes to find a new hardware option you love. In all honesty, it can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Want a better option?

Give this hardware DIY a chance. Try painting your existing hardware instead. If you want to go the quickest and easiest route, you can simply tape around the hardware and grab a can of spray paint in your desired finish. If you want to ensure the best quality, I highly recommend removing the hardware first and laying them flat before painting them.

Make Your Own Art

framed drawings in traditional bedroom

Next up, we have DIY art. Truth be told, art for your home can be extremely pricey. A large piece can easily break the bank at hundreds or thousands of dollars. So instead of spending hours searching and saving for the perfect piece, try making your own instead.

I was hesitant about this trend when it first started, but I’ve seen some truly beautiful DIY art pieces. The key to a well-curated DIY art piece is ensuring you create art that is at your skill level. What exactly does this mean? Well, we aren’t all Picasso, so if you know painting isn’t your thing perhaps drawing or photography is a better option.

Here are a few simple options for those of all creative skill levels:

  • Create a 3D abstract art piece with plaster, canvas, and paint
  • Paint on a canvas
  • Frame a drawing or sketch
  • Frame a black and white photo or create a photo collage wall
  • Purchase an art print on Etsy & frame it
  • Frame some greens or pieces of nature

A Faux Headboard

DIY wall mounted headboard in boho farmhouse bedroom

This last one may be my favorite! Headboards can really change the look of your bedroom and go a long way toward making your room feel more luxurious. However, shopping for a headboard can be a bit overwhelming and some of the good frames can be a bit pricey. If you’re on a budget, you may want to look into making your own faux headboard.

To do so, all you need to do is find or build your own boards or art and mount it to the wall. For instance, you could use a few pieces of wall art and hang them right next to each other to create a faux headboard. Do you prefer something with a bit more cushion? You could grab a piece of wood, layer on some padding, secure fabric around the padding and board, and then mount that to your wall.

There are a ton of affordable DIYs to create your dream headboard on a budget, just look for some inspiration.

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