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Add Pops of Color to Your Neutral-toned Farmhouse

Gray and whitewash have both had their moments. But I’m here to share some ways to add pops of color to your farmhouse.

All these options can be layered on top of your neutral base. They also don’t require significant financial investment or commitment. While you can keep your white cabinets and walls, you can take steps to make your home more custom and personal with color. It just might be the beginning of your new style! 

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Pops of Color – Painted Furniture

Chalk paint makes it easy to paint furniture. I like to purchase old furniture from the thrift store and doll it up with a few coats of paint. Painting furniture is an easy beginner’s DIY project that can yield great results.

Pick a few key colors and repeat them throughout if you have an open-concept home. The yellow I used on my quilt cabinet is found in the pillows on the couch and in the daffodils placed in our planter on the dining table. The idea is not to get too crazy with different colors. We’re not going for unicorn rainbow fantasy land here, just a little color to give the neutrals in the home some pop.

Decorative Objects and Art

Yellow and aqua are some of my favorite colors in a farmhouse. In my vintage pottery collection and throughout my entire home, aqua appears repeatedly. It becomes even more impressive if a collection is all the same color. Try it with books, jars, paintings, pottery, or even cookware for a more colorful farmhouse look.

Cookware and Dishes 

stove top with red dutch oven and fresh kale on a cookie sheet

You can find cookware in so many colors that you can find one to match your taste, or mix them all if you can’t decide! It’s no coincidence that iconic pieces like KitchenAid mixers and LeCreuset Dutch ovens come in many colors. Choose one that speaks to you and use it as an accent in your kitchen and dining room. Dishes, whether vintage (like Pyrex and Jadeite) or new or both, are another way to brighten up your kitchen. 

Fixtures and Appliances

If you’re remodeling, or even replacing a countertop, consider a colorful appliance. I’ve grown so tired of stainless steel. The abundance of fingerprints and food splatters that show up constantly makes me cringe. I am always wiping down my stainless steel appliances while wondering how they became the most common finish to have in one’s home.

I’d love to invest in a pretty aqua Smeg refrigerator. We have to have these ugly appliance behemoths in our kitchens; they might as well be cute! The Smeg line comes in modern and retro styles. If you can’t afford the colorful frig, you could splurge on a colorful toaster or mixer.

Another way to add pops of color to your kitchen is with colorful light fixtures. You can even update basic light fixtures with spray paint quite easily.

Fabric and Textiles 

sofa with pillows and blankets

Textiles are an easy way to add color! A colorful home can be created by layering pillows, throw blankets, quilts, slipcovers, duvets, and rugs in various colors.

Kantha quilts and vintage quilts look perfect thrown over couches and chairs. Textiles are also easy to change with the seasons. Consider Christmas pillows used as inserts and bedspreads turned into slipcovers! Vintage rugs have beautiful colors and patterns, and they are a great way to add pops of color to your farmhouse.

The Kitchen

Painting the inside of your kitchen cabinets, allowing the color to peek out from glass doors, is a clever way to add color to your kitchen. You can also use this pop of color on shelving or bookcases. Pastel colors are a natural fit for farmhouse decorating, especially inside cabinets and shelves.

While I prefer to keep cabinetry white, adding color to the cabinets of your island can provide a subtle but lovely pop of color to the kitchen. It gives just the right amount of contrast without going overboard.

The modern farmhouse style is characterized by chunky and rustic shelving. If you prefer a less cluttered look, you can paint your shelves the color of your walls if you prefer unvarnished wood shelves. Colorful dishes and bowls displayed on shelves bring a splash of color to your kitchen without much effort. You can also store accessories on open shelving to avoid clogging your countertops.

Please share some of your favorite ways to add pops of color to your farmhouse in our comment section below!

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