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Walk This Way – Designing and Choosing an Outdoor Walkway

The walkway to the front door can sometimes be overlooked, but rather it is an integral part of the home’s first impression which is why choosing an outdoor walkway is such a big decision. The walkway to the front door offers direction and sets the style tone of the home. It goes hand-in-hand with the front entryway design and really shows off just how welcoming one can be.

It can speak to the period of the home and/or the aesthetic the home owner would like to share. This is why we are honing in on outdoor walkways in today’s post. There are many different walkway designs to choose from, so pin-pointing the right option for the home can be a challenging task. Let us lay some ground work (pun intended) and share walkway ideas we have come across as we start to plan the front walkway to our 1890s farmhouse in Connecticut.


Designing and Choosing an Outdoor Walkway

Now that the majority of our outdoor construction is wrapping up and spring is poking its head (or trying to!), we have been researching walkway designs. We have zero-ed in on a couple different “classic-meets-creative/modern” schemes, but we are not finding it as easy as we had originally thought. When starting a project, it is often likely to label certain pieces of the project as “not as important”. Our own personal front walkway was grouped into this category; however, we are finding now that all is said-and-done (and that we are so happy with the outcome of our outdoor entryway), it is important for us not to rush this final step of the design process.

Trust me, we are ready to be done. We are ready to get our yard back in order and looking less, well, muddy! Not only for the looks of it all, but because we don’t want mud being tracked into our new space! Let’s take a stroll down some walkway options (sorry! Hee hee)…

Outdoor Walkways

Getting Started

We are starting to plan a front walkway now that the outside of our construction has been completed. There are so many options out there! A modern farmhouse can really handle a majority of the options, so it is just a matter of choosing! We want our walkway to say “walk this way” and “you are welcome to come here” and “we love our house” all at the same time!

Here’s what we are loving…

A Brick Walkway

Outdoor Walkways

A brick walkway, aka “pavers”. Pavers can really go one of two ways, so it is important to be careful when picking the brick style. For example, they have brick pavers with rounded edges, sharp edges and many different color options. Just like flooring, brick walkways can be laid in many different patterns as well.

Right now, we are loving a herringbone pattern in the middle with a straight-line edge of pavers bordering on either side. Color is a big part of the decision making for us, as we are very attracted to the look of white-wash brick. This can be done via technique, so allow more time for your project to get completed if this design tickles your fancy as well.

We are learning that the look we are striving to mimic will have its cost obligations, but as we said earlier, this seems like an important part of our project to really grasp and love. We’ve researched stone manufacturers that can get us to our final goal, but the research of it all has cost us time and a bit more money.

Either way, we are excited for our final outcome and will definitely share back here once the mud pile has shifted to new grass and a finished walkway!

Some other options we have also considered….

A Slate or Bluestone Walkway

Outdoor Walkways

Slate and Bluestone are similar in that they are both varieties of flagstone. These are two more options for a walkway as well. We chose bluestone for our back patio and love it. We even love how it is aging. Slate is also a pretty option, but can add a bit more color and look less polished. We were striving to clean up our home’s overall outdoor look, so the slate option didn’t fit into that prescription.

Note that bluestone can cost a bit more, but if taken care of properly can really last.

Outdoor Walkways

A Stepping Stone Walkway

Stepping stone walkways definitely create a very specific look. Instead of being pieced together, the stones are set apart, with grass or gravel in-between. This style always steals our hearts; however keep in mind, it is a lot to maintain.

A Gray Gravel Walkway

This is what we started with when we first moved into our farmhouse. Although we loved the look, it was also a bit high-maintenance, especially living on the East Coast in New England’s weather pattern. The gravel stones frequently pushed off of their place, creating an issue when mowing the lawn. It also doesn’t look great when they are not in place, so the walkway becomes a part of your “to-do” list recurrently.

As with everything we have shared thus far in our posts, walkways are yet another choice to make in your own home. What works for the home’s aesthetic, your lifestyle and your budget. It can take time occasionally to pick the right option when choosing an outdoor walkway. We hope, for your sake, when all is said-and-done that you love your choice and you’ll be walking on sunshine (sorry, had to slip one more pun in here!)!

Outdoor Walkways

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