Everyday decor at Christmas in a modern farmhouse

How To Transform Your Everyday Decor Into Something Merry & Bright

Let’s face it, we all love decorating for the holidays, but we also all love our everyday decor. My mom has several pieces she absolutely refuses to move for the holidays; honestly, I don’t blame her (they’re stunning). However, that’s exactly why I’ve learned how to take some of her everyday decor and give it just a hint of the holly-jolly holiday spirit!


3 Reasons to Utilize Your Everyday Decor

Some people love to strip their house down to pretty much bare bones and bring the big guns out for Christmas. If that’s your personal preference, great, go for it! If you find that sounds a bit overwhelming, I’m with you. Reusing your everyday decorations can be a practical solution for the holidays.

Why is it so smart? Here’s why:

  1. It saves a significant amount of money
  2. The less decoration you have to do, the less time you have to spend doing it
  3. The less you have to swap out, the less you have to store

Hopefully, by now you’re convinced to keep out some of your standard home decor during the holidays. If so, here are a few super simple ways to spruce up your everyday decor into something straight out of a Lifetime Christmas movie.

Do Something S-Candle-Ous

During the holidays my puns really come out more than they should (please accept my apologies). Regardless of the terrible pun, updating the candles in your home can make a huge impact during the holidays. If you have an empty candlestick or one that’s typically filled with greens, try topping it with a beautiful candle. The addition of candles alone will make your home feel more merry and bright.

If you have plain candles, try swapping them out for one a bit more reminiscent of the holiday. Whether it’s a taper, pillar, or container candle, making the switch to a seasonal one can make quite a difference. A Christmas-scented candle can give off an aroma that makes the house feel like a holiday, not just look like it. If your Christmas decor is more colorful, adding a pop of cheer with a colorful candle can elevate your space to a Santa-worthy space.

Fill Up Your Glass

everyday decor on fireplace with Christmas accents added to it

Most homes have some sort of glass jar, bowl, or box that can be filled with candles or other pretty decorations. For instance, my mom has a couple of gorgeous lanterns by her fireplace. She always demands we keep at least 1 of her lanterns by the fireplace during Christmas. This is understandable as the lanterns are absolutely beautiful, however, they look a bit underwhelming when placed around the other Christmas decorations.

To solve this, we leave the candles inside and fill the empty space in the base with winter greens and a few holly berries. It’s easy, yet effective. We also do this in other areas around the house filling jars, bowls, and other empty items with Christmas greens, ornaments, or other seasonal items. Each piece takes so little, which makes it both simple and affordable.

“Sleigh” Your Wall Decorations

tin basket with Christmas greens and bow on wooden wall decoration

Sorry for another horrible pun, but I just couldn’t resist! These wood-framed wall art pieces are one of my favorite things we decorate for the holidays in my parent’s home. There is one on either side of the entertainment center and they are definitely a focal point in the room. Each holiday we swap out the decoration on it for something seasonal.

For Christmas, we found these tin buckets with holiday greens and a buffalo check bow which go perfectly with our other decor. We use this same concept on other pieces around the house adding a small touch of Christmas magic to each space.

The Obvious One For Every Day Decor

Christmas greenery stems in white vase with reindeer and Christmas sign

I call this one obvious, well, because it is. My mom loves her vases so each season we keep them as a part of the holiday decorations. All we do is find some quality greenery stems to replace the everyday ones. Then we sprinkle in a few Christmas accents such as signs, reindeer, or snowmen to help give it just the right amount of holiday cheer.

A Festive Table

everyday decor on table with a green and white Christmas napkin and holiday napkin ring

My mom always keeps her table fully dressed with an entire tablescape no matter the season. During the holidays she likes to keep the same “formula,” but she wants something a bit more reminiscent of Christmas. So to help spice up her table settings, we added in a Christmas-colored napkin and a holiday napkin ring.

I highly recommend doing this during the holidays because you spend so much time at the table. If you like the napkin, there are a ton of ways and folds to make your everyday decor on the table feel a little more jolly. If you’d prefer something else, here are a few other ideas

  • Garnish the plate with a small holiday pick
  • Swap your glassware out for something more festive
  • Trade the top plate or bowl for a Christmas one
  • Add a small holiday placard

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