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Decorating With What You Already Have on Hand

Skip the big box stores and start decorating with what you already have on hand.

Are you tired of your home decor but don’t have the budget or schedule for a major home makeover? Not to worry. There are plenty of ways to transform your home without buying anything. Your farmhouse will not only look better than ever, but you will also know how to decorate on a budget.

Here are a few tips on how to decorate with what you already have.


Decorating With What You Already Have on Hand: Identify focal points

It’s not necessary to cover every space. I think it’s better to have a few significant points of interest than to have the eye wander aimlessly across the room without anything to catch the eye. You’ll lose the “wow” factor if you spread your decor too thinly. Instead, organize decor pieces around focal points to highlight each piece in its best light.

But how do you create a focal point? Focus on high-traffic areas like entryways, living room walls, and fireplace mantels. It is these places where people frequently gather that will serve as the foundation of your farmhouse decor.

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Mix and match

Even though it seems impossible, there is a way to turn an object into something new without doing anything to it! Mixing colors and textures highlights different and seemingly hidden features of each object.

When purple tulips are placed next to yellow daisies, both colors will stand out because they are opposite each other on the color wheel. You’d be surprised at how objects that seemed dull before will become the center of attention when paired with the right partner.

The same is true of texture. Try breaking it up if you have been grouping glossy with glossy and rough with rough. With a burlap cloth beneath a shiny ceramic vase, you’ll create a chic farmhouse look that says, “I know what I’m doing.”

Wall galleries are an example of a focal point.

Instead of displaying your family photos all over the house, try condensing them into one or two concentrated spots (depending on how many you have and how big your home is). This will give your walls a polished, effortless appearance. Plus, you’ll probably end up looking at your photos more often. Choose décor that makes you smile.

The placement of furniture is crucial

Here’s the one that requires some muscle work. You won’t regret it. How furniture is arranged can make or break a room. Open spaces encourage open conversation.

Make sure all seating is at an optimal angle for conversation (everyone should be able to see each other without having to twist or turn).

Place your most significant, most comfortable sofa where people are likely to sit most often – maybe facing the TV, fireplace, or open kitchen space. You can then make the most of your most comfortable seating options. Smaller, perhaps less comfortable seating can be placed to the side, allowing the cozy couch to be used first.

Watch out for scuff marks as you prepare to move your furniture. Have enough people to safely pick up a sofa with hard legs or place fabric under each leg so you can slide it without damaging the floor.

DIY decorations

You won’t need to go to the store for these DIYs. Like our previous exploration of color and texture, you can transform everyday items into eye-catching farmhouse decor pieces.

Create a cozy farmhouse nook with a pair of rubber boots filled with seasonal greens. Place a few cotton or willow branches in a canvas bag that hangs in your entryway. To spruce up an old couch, drape a blanket over the back instead of hiding it in a basket.

gallery wall

Purge and clean

Last but not least, if your furniture is covered in dust and grime, it won’t look good. When you clean your home, start at the top and work your way down.

First, dust the corners of the ceiling, then the curtain rods, then any wall decor, etc. Then, with a gentle, non-toxic cleaning spray, spot clean areas that need extra attention. Eventually, all the dust will fall to the floor, where it can be easily swept or vacuumed up.

Just because you’re decorating with what you already have on hand doesn’t mean you have to use them all. You might find you don’t need as many decorations as you thought. That’s okay. In fact, it’s great because you’ve pared down your collection to the decor items you actually like.

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