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Check Out This Stunning Bedroom Refresh

Some of you may remember a few posts back when I suggested a fun way to make a bold statement in your farmhouse during the start of my bedroom refresh. I was super pleased with how the rich, blue board and batten wall turned out in my parent’s master bedroom. The accent wall made a bold statement as its deep blue hue contrasted their white farmhouse bedroom set.

We did the wall as a surprise for my mom and none of us were quite sure how she’d like it. Fortunately, she absolutely loved her new wall and now we needed to update the rest of the room to give her the modern farmhouse master oasis she deserves!

Unfortunately, the room is still not finished but I thought I should share what we’ve done so far and what we still plan to do. In doing so, I hope to help you all feel confident in doing your own master bedroom DIY to help rejuvenate and decorate your space.


Before the bedroom refresh

grey wall with wood sleigh bed

As a reminder, the bedroom started with textured grey walls, a brown sleigh bed, and dated teal and grey bedding. Although there is nothing wrong with this bed set and bedding, I felt as if my mom deserved much more for a luxurious retreat to escape to at the end of the day. My mom’s home is also a lot of black, white, and grey so for her bedroom refresh I thought bringing some color into the space would be a fun change.

Once we agreed on the board and batten inspiration and blue color everything started to fall into place. I threw a few blue color schemes in front of her, however, we finally landed on a myriad of blue hues with tans, browns, and pops of camel mixed in. I spent hours perusing online and hitting every store I could looking for the right textiles to include in her room. Fortunately, she had a few things in mind already.

Swapping Quilts

Chambray quilt on white bedding with beige throw blanket draped on top

One thing she had been eyeing was this glorious chambray Pottery Barn quilt. Online, the quilt looked to blend perfectly into our color scheme but unfortunately one of the pitfalls of online shopping is the inability to see the true color. You don’t get to see the item in different lighting, without filters, or know if it’s from the same dye lot as the original (yes, that makes a difference). Once the quilt finally came in she kept it folded up in the wrapping and hated how it looked next to her other bedding items.

I encouraged her to continue looking as I would anyone, but I asked her to at least lay the blanket out on the bed for a couple of days. I highly recommend everyone do this with any new piece for several reasons. One, similar to paint fabric color can look different depending on the light. Give yourself a chance to see it in all the various lighting.

Secondly, give yourself the opportunity to grow accustomed to something new. Change can be challenging and often when there is such a dramatic transition your body is almost shocked to where you can’t truly take in the beauty yet. Once she tried a few other quilts, added in a few other new textiles, and gave herself a chance to take it all in, she fell in love with the quilt all over again.

Adding New Throw Pillows

blue, cream and beige patterned throw pillows

Another near miss, these beautiful throw pillows almost made their way back to the Etsy shop I found them on. Online the pillows looked bright white, but once placed in the room the beige and tan color showed through more than we liked. My mom was ready to send them back when I asked her to stuff the pillows and throw the new white comforter on the bed. After pulling in some spare throws to pull out the blues, she started to warm up to the stunning pillow covers.

It’s extremely important to include your desired accent colors around a multi-colored item like this. The pieces you chose to surround it with can greatly impact the colors that pull through. For instance, if you include tans and beiges, the cream and beige of the pillow cover will be brought out more. If you surround it with blues and whites, then the white and blue from the covers will show through more.

Toss In A Throw Blanket

Chambray quilt, beige blanket, and patterned throw pillows.

When designing a space, it’s important to repeat colors to help tie the room together. With the stark white comforter and blue quilt, the bedding needed some beige to help blend the blankets with the throw pillows. We found this lovely beige throw blanket at target and knew immediately that it would fit perfectly! Bringing the beige to the bottom and including a new texture into the space added an extra special element to warm up the bedroom.

With the blanket strewn diagonally across the bottom of the bed, we saw an opportunity to add a tray with a few decorative items to elevate the room. We are still on the search for the right one and until then we will leave the bedding as is. Rome wasn’t built in a day and your home won’t be either. Take time to find pieces you love instead of buying ones you only like just to fill the space.

A Long Way To Go

Blue board an batten wall with white, cream and light blue bedding

The room is slowly starting to come together, but we still need quite a few more key pieces. We’ve placed a couple of random throw pillows on the bed for inspiration until we can find ones we love. We are searching for three blue euro throw pillows to place behind the two patterned ones, along with a camel or light-colored leather pillow to help pull out the warmer tones in the space.

Sometimes the final vision can be hard to see when you only have bits and pieces of what you need. This can often become a big hurdle in creating your final vision. Here are a few tips to help:

  1. Make a vision board with your colors to help find the right pieces
  2. Trust your gut, but don’t be afraid to return anything you don’t love
  3. Leave your new decor out for at least 3-4 days before making a decision
  4. Do your research before you make any decisions

Leave a comment below if you’d like more detail on the bedroom refresh tips above!

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