Music in Decorating

Music in Decorating – Bring in The Noise!

I think about music in decorating.

Music is universal. Music speaks to us all in different ways. Music allows many different ideas and many different interpretations, taking us down many different roads and leading us through many different journeys. It tells a story, whether with words or instruments.

Music in Decorating

Music speaks to us by lifting us up and sometimes even bringing us to a sad space we need to be living. It invokes feelings, memories and movements. So why not incorporate it into home design? Music in decorating has become a thing, and we are fully on-board for this release.

Music in Decorating


Music in Decorating Tells a Story

Just like an old farmhouse, music tells a story. We hear music, maybe a specific song or lyric, and we are transported to a memory or a feeling. This transformation can be revisited in photographs, in instruments, in modes of listening to music (vinyl, CDs, cassette tapes). So how can we incorporate this into our home’s décor?

Easy. Pick the parts of music that speak to you the most strongly. Whether it be an heirloom (or vintage) instrument, an instrument someone in the home has been playing for years, an old mixed tape that will never get old or even a photograph of a fun time on a dance floor at a special occasion.

There are so many ways to incorporate music into our everyday living spaces and our favorite way is through photographs.

Music in Photographs

Music in Decorating

Photographs are the window into our lives. They fill us with joy and displaying this in our homes is important. Surrounding one’s self with the love of memories is so great for our well-being. Music can be a part of this design approach.

Maybe your husband played guitar in one of your children’s classrooms once. Maybe you have a photograph of one of your children learning to play piano for the first time. Maybe you have a photograph of yourself at the concert experience of a lifetime and you want to share that documentation with those that come in and out of your home. Think about turning a colored photo into black and white to give it a more understated drama.

A cool photo album can act as a coffee table book and inside can be pictures from that concert that rocked your world or your wedding day dance floor. Share the experience all the time! Make the memory live on. We love looking back at photos from our wedding of Aunts and Uncles cutting a rug to “Twist ‘n Shout”!

Those tunes brought out the best in us all and we want those memories to live on forever! Enjoying them all the time rather than once in a while makes it much more fun and helps to thread a story of those living in the home and what shapes them creatively!

Music in Decorating

Musical Instruments in Design

Another great way to incorporate music into home décor is through instruments. A piano – whether grand or upright – is the obvious way to get music living in the space. Guitars are also an easy way to have music alive in a room. They can hang from the wall in a creative way (so that they are still accessible to the musician in the home or a visitor) or even have it/them upright on a floor stand.

A wonderful conversation piece and because the instrument is always accessible it will be possible to make new music memories when gathered with loved ones!

Vintage (possibly heirloom?) musical instruments or tokens – like records/vinyl (ohh, records!) – are another great way to incorporate the great tones from music into a home. If there is a solid record collection you’ve got stashed, let it show!

Creating simple, open cabinets to display them and make them more accessible can really add to the room’s overall scheme. Also, record players are a cool piece of history to showcase.

Music in Decorating

Even cassette tapes and CD jackets have a smooth way of telling a story in a space. We cannot believe cassette tapes and CDs can now fall under the “vintage” category, but alas, music continues to evolve and create!

Finding a way to incorporate music in decorating can round out a home and really add a personal touch. Consider how it can be possible to get a music touch in your home. Everyone in the house will be singing a sweet tune with all the good vibes hanging around!

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