Red, white and green Christmas tray in white farmhouse kitchen

6 Ways To Style A Very Merry Christmas Tray

I’ve grown quite fond of the Christmas tray over the last few years. Perhaps it’s because everyone with a farmhouse either already has a tray or wants one. Or maybe it’s because I’ve grown to love and adore my sister’s fun tray displays during each holiday. Either way, the Christmas tray is a fun and easy way to bring the merriest of seasons to life in your farmhouse.


Styling Your Christmas Tray

Depending on the size and shape of your tray, you may be struggling with how exactly to style it. Smaller trays can be a bit easier to design with less space to fill, but it can also be challenging not to clutter them with small trinkets. However, larger trays can be quite intimidating with an overwhelming amount of space to fill. I went out and found 6 unique trays to help give you inspiration on how to style yours, regardless of the shape or size.

The Kitchen Tray

Christmas tray with small Santa sticks, a tree, bowl, and greens

During the holidays you spend so much time in the kitchen between cooking, baking, making drinks, and more. Since your time in the kitchen is so extensive, it’s essential to make it feel as merry & bright as the rest of the house. One simple way to do this is to add a cheerful tray to your counter. Here is what you will need to build the one similar to mine above:

  • 2 large greenery picks
  • 3 tall objects of varying heights
  • 1 bowl
  • 1 stack of coasters

Step 1: Arrange your two greenery stems, outlining the edge of the tray with a large opening in the front. You’ll want to fluff your stems or add additional decorations such as pine cones or berries to fill it up.

Step 2: Stagger your larger 3 objects in the back of the tray, hiding the stems of the greenery picks.

Step 3: Set your bowl and stack of coasters on in front of your 3 tall objects and angle them slightly on either side of each other.

A Tree Tray

Tree shaped tray with Christmas greenery and ice skates

What is cuter than a tree-shaped tray during Christmas? I honestly can’t think of something I would love more. However, the odd shape can make it quite challenging to decorate. That’s why you need to forget the rules and decorate outside the zig-zagged lines.

To recreate the tray above, grab these essential items:

  • 1 stack of coasters
  • 1 pair of large Christmas decorations
  • 1 medium-sized greenery poof
  • 1 string of beads

Step 1: Place your greenery poof at the top of the tree. You will want your greenery to spill over the edges a bit and take up nearly half of the tray. Your greenery should also be filled with a bit of color such as pinecones and berries to add character.

Step 2: Position your coaster stack at a small angle leaning up against the edge of the tray on one side next to the greens.

Step 3: Across the lower right half of the tray, layer your string of beads messily over the right side and bottom of the tray.

Step 4: Set your pair of decorative objects (in this case skates) over the beads. This should fill up about the rest of the space on the tray.

A Really Long Christmas Tray

Long tray filled with greenery and pinecones with two silver deer

This one is so simple, yet extremely impactful. If you have a long table or tray that you want to fill with holiday joy, here is what you will need:

  • Lots of pinecones
  • Several greenery poofs
  • 2 taller decorative objects of varying heights.

Step 1: In a curved diagonal line spread your greenery poofs from one corner and connect them with the opposite one on the other side.

Step 2: Place your two decorative objects in the middle of the tray, moving your greenery poofs as needed.

Step 3: Fill the extra space with your pinecones. You don’t need to make this neat, but you do need to ensure that it looks full and ensuring you can’t see the bottom of the tray.

The Two-Tiered Option

two-tiered tray with greenery and a couple small signs

I love a beautiful tiered tray, but I often see them filled with tiny trinkets that leave them looking more cluttered than cute. If you’re looking for a simpler and more subtle tray, I’ve found the perfect design. First, you’re going to need these few items:

  • Quite a few small greenery picks
  • A few small pinecones
  • 1 small wood sign
  • 1 small stack of decorative objects

Step 1: Fill the base of each tier on the tray with your greens. Lay them in a more circular, wreath-like design.

Step 2: Gently layer your smaller pinecones throughout your greenery stems.

Step 3: At the base of the tray, fashion your small sign at an angle.

Step 4: Around the same spot on the top of your Christmas tray, place your small stack of objects on top of your greens.

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