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What’s Trending This Spring – Modern Farmhouse Edition

As you know, I recently attended the San Antonio Vintage Market Days event which featured the top local farmhouse vendors around Texas. Although the title said vintage, I must admit vendors ranged from antique to modern giving a little something for everyone. One thing all vendors had in common, was that they brought out their best spring décor! I compiled hundreds of photos into a neat list of what’s trending for 2022. Follow along to see what you need to decorate for the upcoming warmer days!

White candlesticks with greenery wreaths and candles

I saw one decoration at almost every stand. Do you know what it was? Candlesticks. They had light wood-toned ones, whitewashed, white ceramic, and more. Regardless of color or style, candlesticks will carry on as a staple for modern farmhouse spring décor. The versatility of the candlestick remains unparalleled in every sense. They can fit neatly on your mantle or sit quaintly on your entryway table. They can display candles, candles with greenery rings, greenery poofs, or stand on their own. No matter how you use them, just include them! Similar to a capsule wardrobe, these are items you just have to have.

Wicker baskets

Similar to the candlestick, wicker baskets should be considered a staple home décor piece for the spring. Now, these don’t necessarily need to be dedicated purely to spring. They fit perfectly year-round, but if you don’t have them – get them! Wicker baskets work to hide the kiddos (human of fluffy) toys, hold your extra throws, and also make for the perfect base for a greenery or floral display. I even love how they hung a few baskets for a floating art piece. The variety and earthy element they bring into any room instantly elevate the space.

Once again, these items’ versatility should not be overlooked. Whether housing blankets in your living room or toiletries in your restroom, you cannot underestimate the wicker basket. Even if it’s just one or twenty-one, I recommend adding a few of these into your home for the springtime.

Neutral Easter decorations

As I’ve mentioned before, not all Easter decorations need to be bright and bold. The market vendors showed just how simple you can make Easter decorations and I adored it! I highly recommend you snag a few neutral Easter decorations that you can choose how long to leave them up. These simple pieces can either remain up just for the holidays or for the whole spring if you’d like.

Look for wooden or stone rabbits and little nests with eggs. One of my favorite pieces was the wooden trunk rabbit sculpture. The large feature piece was simple, yet elegant. The seasonal sculpture can work for not only Easter, but it’s casual enough for the entire spring. These pieces are perfect for people who don’t like spending a lot on holiday decorations (like me). Snag a few of these to scatter around your home for a more subtle holiday vibe.

white, green and black collage of farmhouse decor

Black accents and corbels are two things screaming spring right now. If you don’t know, I have a tiny obsession with black and luckily, it’s trending for the upcoming season. Adding simple pieces with black metal provide a flawless contrast to the brighter whites and natural wood tones. Metal candlesticks, wall hangings or shelves, and lanterns work well for adding that little pop of black.

I didn’t know how much I loved corbels until now. For those wondering what in the world corbels are – they are a structural piece of stone or wood intended to carry a superincumbent weight such as a beam. Essentially, they are fancy brackets. However, the current trend is to utilize them more as decorative wall art than structural pieces. I love how the vendors here framed the greenery wreath for a gorgeous work of art.

Old luggage used as table for wooden vases

Vintage luggage stole my heart this weekend and I hope it steals yours this spring. If you invest in one thing this season make it an old luggage piece. Whether you use it as a table prop or for some height variation, these exquisite items construct the perfect blend of new and old for your modern farmhouse. I saw trunks galore at almost every vendor station and I guarantee these will pop up everywhere the next few months.

Bird cages on trays

One of my favorite parts about spring happens when you walk outside and hear the birds chirping while the sun beams down on you. Apparently, the trend this spring brings the birds inside with birdcages galore. Throughout the market, I saw different variations of the birdcage. These are often set upon trays or bowls filled with greenery, candles, or other decorative pieces.

I found this particular trend a bit off-putting at first, but in the end I fell in love with the unique decorative piece. Adding a candle yielded a more romantic look and with a spritz of green really brought in the brightness of spring. I recommend doing some recon first to find one you really love. I tended to find the thicker bars more appealing, but the dainty more traditionally cagey ones carried their own beauty as well.

Last, but not least, open shelving is majorly trending this spring. Of course, you can go with the typical wood shelf and metal bracket, but if you’re looking to spice things up, give a geometric-shaped shelf a go! I was stunned by these hexagon-shaped shelves formatted into a marvelous wall collage. The shelves present the ideal space to bring in greenery and other floral accents for a pop of color!

What do you think about the trending decorations this spring? Will you add any of these to your home? Let me know in the comments below if you’d like more suggestions or tips for what’s trending for Spring ’22.

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