Light it Up! Tips for Decorating Your Farmhouse with Light

Farmhouse lighting can add just the right country flair to your farmhouse. But what type of lighting should you choose? It really depends on which farmhouse style you’re going for: modern, traditional, eclectic? Let’s explore some farmhouse lighting options to determine what will work best for you.


Hanging chandeliers

Ah, the magnificent chandelier. When it comes to farmhouse lighting, this will be your statement piece, and you can use it in just about any room. Depending on the size of the room, a chandelier can be large or small, hanging down from the ceiling not only to serve as a source of light but also to draw attention upward, especially in larger rooms such as your dining room. 

Rarely did original farmhouses have an ornate chandelier hanging in the dining room. This is definitely a modern-day luxury, but as we know, farmhouse style leans toward the minimalist aesthetic, and chandeliers are no exception. If you’re looking for a farmhouse-style chandelier to hang above your dining room table, the simpler, the better!

Pendant lights

The pendant light hangs from the ceiling like a chandelier. But while chandeliers have many bulbs that branch from a single lamp, pendant lights usually have only one. Depending on the space, they often work well in a group (try three together), often above the island or sink. Again simple is key for farmhouse style. The three glass pendants above are lovely in their simplicity and juxtapose well against the rough-hewn granite countertops.

Flush mounts

A flush mount light is fixed to the ceiling and doesn’t extend far into the room like a chandelier or pendant. A flush mount is a type of ambient light, meaning that it’s a useful way to brighten a room. These are great for small spaces where you only want one light switch to turn on, like mudrooms, hallways, and bedrooms. Please try to steer clear of the “boob lights” that grew in popularity about a decade ago. They literally look like a woman’s body part that has been affixed to the ceiling. I used to have one hanging right above my bed that had been part of the house since we’d moved in. We finally removed it, thank god! There are hundreds of other options out there including schoolhouse-style ceiling lights and even vintage pieces that would look perfect in a farmhouse.


A sconce is a light that attaches to the wall instead of the ceiling. The sconce can be used in many spaces and is excellent for small areas like bathrooms, hallways, and window seats. Many home decor shopping sites list vanity lighting separately from other wall sconces. What’s the difference? Traditional wall sconces typically have one light, whereas bathroom vanity lighting usually has multiple lights coming from one fixture. Feel free to switch them around, depending on your spaces’ needs.

Ceiling fan lights

Can you use a ceiling fan as your primary lighting in a room? Perhaps. Fan lights can be fine, but they’re not often as bright as other types of ambient lighting, and they’re better when paired with other types of lighting, even in smaller spaces like bedrooms. Personally, I love a good ceiling fan in the summertime right above my bed! Opt for the less ornate styles and go for either a good wood fan or something in more of a black steel in your farmhouse.

Table lamps

The table lamp is one of the most versatile types of lighting because it can be placed on almost any flat surface, from a side table to a nightstand, on top of a piano, or even on a bookshelf, depending on its size. Fill in the light gaps left by your other lighting by using table lamps. Try pieces with metal bases for an industrial feel if you want to go more modern farmhouse, and wood or glass for traditional.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps can be placed wherever there is no other light. If there is no electrical wiring for ceiling lights, and you don’t want to rip out part of the ceiling to install some, these are useful. Try wooden or metal lamps with a simple and neutral lamp shade. I love a good old-fashioned brass floor lamp myself as seen above.

Got any favorite farmhouse-style lighting ideas you’d like to share? Leave all of your tips and ideas in the comments section below!

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