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5 Clever Ways To Use Your Christmas Decor For Valentine’s Day

The transition time from Christmas to Valentine’s Day can be quite challenging for us home decor lovers. Sometimes it feels like you don’t even have your Christmas decor down before you need to get your Valentine’s Day up. Other times, you’re wondering if January 3rd is too early to have your Valentine’s Day decorations out. If that’s the case, then what do you put out while you wait for the appropriate time to put out your Valentine’s Day decor?

Well, you could revert everything back to your everyday decorations and then add a few touches for Valentine’s Day (or a lot). Honestly, though, it’s a lot of work and there is a smarter and easier way to transition to winter decor. Does not having to do a ton of re-decorating after the holidays sound good? If so, I have the perfect solution for you.


Winter Decor + Valentine’s Day Decorations

red candles on fireplace mantle in Christmas decorations

The trick to making the post-Christmas takedown easier is to keep up as much as you possibly can. Any winter decorations that aren’t Christmas-specific can be used during the transition period from Christmas to Spring and easily transition to Valentine’s Day. It’s not as complicated as it may seem either. Here are 5 simple ways to use your Christmas Decor for Valentine’s Day.

Keep Your Candles Out

red candles next to Valentine's Day sign

Do you have pretty red Christmas candles or even plain white candles? Turn your holiday candles from something merry & bright to something a little more romantic. If you have any kind of red or plain white candles, don’t pack them up. Instead leave them on full display on your fireplace mantle, table setting, entry table, or anywhere else you like to display them.

I do recommend removing any greenery around the base to avoid the Christmas-time feeling. You could also consider swapping any black candlesticks for a gold or silver one for a more romantic touch, especially if you have white candles.

Keep Out The Holly

Holly stems in a vase with Christmas decor

I love using natural elements in my Christmas decorations. Anything with pinecones, acorns, or other organic elements that help bring a more grounded feel into the home. One of my favorite natural elements are holly berries. I love how they add the perfect touch of Christmas without feeling too overwhelming.

Holly berries also make for the perfect Christmas to Valentine’s Day transitional decor piece. The red fits perfectly into the romantic holiday feel while still fitting with the winter vibe. I would try to keep them small instead of the bigger berries so they don’t draw the eye, but rather only add a nice casual touch.

Leave Your Beads On Display

Valentine's Day dough bowl with red and white beads draped inside of it

Do you add strings of red or white beads to your Christmas tree? It’s likely one of my favorite tree decorations of all time and they are also the perfect transitional decoration for the January to February lull. You can leave these beauties out on display even if they don’t adorn your tree. Instead, you can easily find a new home for them.

Add them to a dough bowl or tray display for a touch of Valentine’s Day or perhaps drape them over a book or other decor that needs a little bit of a loving touch. Obviously, you won’t be able to keep out all of your strings, but you should be able to utilize at least a couple of them for your transitional decor.

You May Get To Keep Your Table Runner

red and white table runner under decorative winter box

Now this one won’t work for everyone and every table runner, but if you have a simple red or white table runner it may be the perfect start to your Valentine’s Day table setting. This is honestly why I love simple pieces that aren’t holiday specific. With the right plain red or white table runner you can easily swap out your Christmas centerpiece for something a bit more romantic.

Instead of winter greens and Christmas accents, try trading these out for any of the below centerpiece ideas:

  • pillar candles woven with beads and other Valentine’s Day accents
  • large dough bowl with beads, greens, and a few red and pink accents
  • several large vases filled with floral arrangements

Do any of these tickle your fancy? If not there are tons of unique table-setting ideas that you can use for a romantic centerpiece. You can also spruce this up with a few seasonal plates, dishes, or cups to help finish off the beautiful tablescape.

Keep Your Winter Greens

Tray filled with winter greens and Valentine's Day accents

Christmas decorations tend to include a bunch of winter greens such as cedar or pine. These accents are perfect to keep out during the rest of winter. Instead of filling your greens with Christmas accents, either leave them out as they are or fill them with a few Valentine’s Day accents. This simple step will save you a lot of time during the takedown process and give your house the perfect winter touch.

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