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5 Easy Ways To Sprinkle Valentine’s Day Love Into Your Home

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Between Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and now Valentine’s Day, you may not be feeling the love with re-decorating your home. Personally, I struggle to find any desire to put my Christmas decorations away after the long holiday season. The idea of locating another bin in the attic to put out more frankly makes my stomach turn.

If the mental strain wasn’t enough, let’s talk about the financial burden of finding pink and red decorations that only stay out on display until St. Patrick’s Day or maybe Easter (depending on how lazy I feel). I’ve spent an unnecessary amount of time searching for cheap bargains on heart-shaped pieces, but then I found a better way that I’m stoked to share with you! Follow along below for 5 ways to transition your home from a Christmas, Winter Wonderland into a romantic retreat.

Two black candlesticks with red candles and you are loved sign

Tip #1: Find red candles you love! Whether it’s a scented, pillar, votive, or any other candle, they make the perfect transition from merry & bright to romantic. My mom and I took these bright red candles and rustic candlesticks from their Christmas spot on the mantle and relocated them to the entryway table. We added this adorable “loved” sign from Hobby Lobby to welcome family and friends into our home.

You could also add red candlesticks to your dining room table to create a candlelit oasis or find a scented candle to feature on a tray in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom. There are practically an unlimited number of ways to integrate this pop of red into your home!

heart vase with spring greenery, oil lamp and heart shaped sign

Tip #2: Pull out your old vases! I find that every year, my significant other buys me flowers for Valentine’s Day and I have an unlimited reserve of red, white, and pink vases. I used to throw them away thinking I would never need so many vases, but somehow it finally occurred to me to start reusing these for the holidays!

Now my red vases stay out from late November through February 14th and I just swap out the greenery. Sometimes I even leave pine stems in the entire time, but this time I opted to swap back to our all-season greenery.

heart vase being used as utensil holder

The vases don’t have to just hold greenery either! My heart vase sometimes doubles as my Valentine’s Day kitchen utensil caddy. The wide opening is the perfect size to fit my go-to cooking tools in. They can also be utilized to hold toothbrushes and toothpaste in your bathroom or heart-shaped candy in your kitchen for a sweet treat.

be mine sign on mantle

Tip #3: Head to the dollar section or sales rack for your cupid celebration items. Now some of you may hate these little trinkets as they can come across as a bit gimmicky, but they work great to add a spritz of spirit for the season. We place them on trays and scatter them around the house next to our traditional décor. This way everywhere you turn, you feel the love without feeling in your wallet!

lazy susan tray with Valentine's Day decor

Tip #4: Find a tray you relish and discover your staple seasonal pieces. We placed our tray front and center in the heart of our home. Each season it’s the eye-catching piece we need to make our home feel like the holidays. We grabbed this darling white heart jar to keep our Dove chocolate in, a few decorative knick-knacks, and a colored glass vase to help tie our Valentine’s Day décor together. Every piece on the tray is from Hobby Lobby and cost less than the Hearth & Hand turntable we found at Target for $35.

Tiered tray with both winter and Valentine's Day decorations

My sister also has a tray she adores decorating for the holidays and she is an absolute master of the Christmas to Valentine’s Day transition! She kept her pinecones & greenery sprigs in the tiered tray to give it a winter feel but replaced her Christmas-specific pieces with pops of red and pink. The combination allows her to ease the transition from Christmas to Cupid so you can slowly put away winter decorations in preparation for spring.

wood and wrought iron wall hanging with a heart shaped wreath with red and pink beads

Tip #5: Find a versatile statement piece. This is probably my most important tip and something I believe every home should have! In ours, we have these large wood and wrought iron wall hangings that frame our entertainment center. The large frames make a big impact with the open floor plan. They command a lot of attention since the television is often playing when we are gathered in the home which makes them the perfect place to add in seasonal decorations.

These wall hangings started with a small magnolia leaf wreath on each and now play host to our staple holiday decorations. Each season we find a unique floral or greenery arrangement to hang on them. For Valentine’s Day, we found these charming heart-shaped wreaths with red and white berries.

Valentine's Day decorations in the store

These five tips have made decorating for Valentine’s Day a breeze! I no longer dread decorating after the 3-month long holiday frenzy. Drop a comment below if you want more tips on how to easily decorate your home for the season or if you would like suggestions on where find the best Valentine’s Day décor.

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