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Design With Me – How To Style An Entry Table

Not everyone knows how to style an entry table. When your guests first open the door to your home, what do they see? Do they walk into a dull, cold space or one that represents the warm welcome you aspire to give to your guests? Your foyer should set the tone for your guests and give them the first preview of all the beauty your home has to offer.

I know you’re thinking “Is the entry really that important?” The answer is yes.

Experts say that in business, people decide within three seconds whether they like you and want to do business with you. It’s the same way in your home. Within just a few seconds guests gather their thoughts about your home. I know that seems extremely judgemental, but honestly, we all do it.

So how do you make a modern farmhouse entry to die for? Follow along for entry table decor tips to help bring life into your foyer.

Black, wood, and green entry table and decorations.

First, please excuse the sale sign. I love hitting the stores for inspiration to share with you, but the tags and sale signs can sometimes distract from the beauty. Besides that, the first tip I have for spicing up your entry table is to include a large art piece or mirror above the table.


Mirror, mirror teach me how to style an entry table

Mirrors reflect light and can often be used as somewhat of a window adjacent. This works well in darker foyers as they can take the light from the windows or light fixtures and reflect the light throughout the space.

Artwork is also a good selection as it adds a visually intriguing piece that also works as a “tie in” piece or pop of color. The art can pull in colors from the table decor or other spaces in your home.

Height appropriate

Regardless of whether you elect to use art or a mirror, make sure it’s the appropriate size. You want your selection to be a few inches shy of either end of the table and the height should be proportionate to the ceiling and table height. One other tip, keep your art or mirror close to the table or around eye level.

Black and white vase with small tree plant in a wooden bowl with black accents.

This space has a funtion

When decorating the top of your table think style and function! Although your entryway is meant to set the tone for your home, realistically it is also an area that collects a lot of clutter. Admit it, you often come home and kick your shoes off while you throw your keys and purse down. Instead of promising yourself to not do that for the fifteenth time this week, design your foyer to accommodate your lifestyle.

If you tend to drop your keys add a dough bowl or smaller tray to drop them in. If you like to hang your purse or jacket when you enter, add a couple of hooks to the side.

Frequently at the door checking the time to see when your always late counterpart will be ready? Throw in a clock! Try to add a few functional pieces that will make your entryway not just beautiful but functional.

beautiful blue vase with greenery staged next to a light wood picture frame and candles.

Make it pretty

Although function is important, it’s also imperative not to sacrifice design. If you’re lacking in design inspiration don’t be afraid to go search for some. Your local home stores should have a wide variety of arrangements to draw inspiration from.

I think it’s important to note that it is okay to not always have a vision for what you want. Sometimes you need a little inspiration. I often love hitting local shops for new ideas that I haven’t thought of or seen before.

Make it your own

If you’re interested in cultivating your own entry table design, here are a few tips for you.

First, add in some kind of greenery or floral arrangement. These make the space feel inviting and bright. Next, add in some height variations. Introduce things like books to prop your decorations on for a couple of extra inches. Add taller pieces like candlesticks next to shorter items like picture frames.

Lastly, layer it on. Stack a book on top of a book stand, add a large candle into a bowl with decorative beads strewn around it. Get creative with these three simple tips and personalize your design with meaningful items to you.

The underside of the entry table decorated with linens in a wicker basket and other black accents

Let’s get some storage in here

As important as decorating the top of the table is, don’t forget about how practical the base of the table can be for storage. Add in wicker baskets to store jackets, shoes, or other items. This will help hide some of the clutter while adding a stylish touch to the space.

If you want to avoid clutter piling up, maybe opt for only one basket and decorate the rest with greens, linens, and other inviting decorations like candles. Either way, make it you. Make it stylish and functional. If you want to know what’s trending this spring, check out one of my most recent blogs for guidance on what to include.

intersection of four very different rugs

Give the floor some love

Obviously, this next tip doesn’t apply to the actual table, but more so to help accent the table. A beautiful rug is the next decorative item you need to accent your foyer table.

Unlike in your living room, you don’t necessarily want the rug to go under your furniture. Instead, opt for more of a runner or smaller rug that fills the empty space your table sits in. Find a pattern and color that compliments your space, but also makes a statement.

Pro-tip: this is not the space for a fluffy, hard-to-clean rug. This is a highly-trafficked area so find one that’s easy to clean!

Did these tips help you decide how to style an entryway table? Let me know which space in your home you’d like help with next in the comments below.

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