7 Staple Decor Pieces You Need To Have

Similar to your wardrobe, you need staple decor pieces the same as you would your closet basics. In fashion, your staple basics include something like a white shirt, a black shirt, a good pair of jeans, a good pair of slacks, and a few other pieces. So what exactly are staple decor pieces?


What Are Staple Decor Pieces?

I would consider these the basics of your home; so they are classic pieces that you can just practically anywhere in your home and mix and match with other items. It’s like an ingenious home decor hack that you didn’t even know you were missing. I’ve got about seven timeless items that I’ve classified as “must haves” in every capsule home decor closet. Additionally, these are also listed in no particular order, so have fun and read them all!

1. A Good Vase (Or Two)

Tall brown vase with smaller white floral vase in front of white lamp arranged on tab

Have you read my blog “Vases In All The Right Spaces?” If you have, then you’ll understand my love for such a versatile and classic piece. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you check it out because you will find so many unique ways to utilize vases in your home. They’re very special pieces and so easy to use.

I call these a staple because they’re as versatile as a white t-shirt. You can literally place them in almost any spot in your home and they can provide that added touch that was missing before. They also can stand on their own or be filled with greenery, flowers, or other decorative objects. The options are endless.

2. Grab All The Pretty Books You Can

Oddly enough, I’ve never been much of a reader. I use to never understand the point of saving books for your home, but as I’ve become a design junkie, I’ve also found a passion and love for a good book. Not to read, of course, but to decorate with. As popular as they’ve become in recent years, the concept of utilizing books as home decor has been around for ages.

They make for great props for shorter items that need a little height, they can stand on their own, they can fill your bookshelves, and they can be used in so many other ways. For instance, I love how bookstands with an open book displayed on top have become a very popular trend. The more books you can grab, the better!

3. Say Yes To Wicker Baskets

Square shelves with wicker baskets in the holes and antique decorative pieces on top surrounding a chalk board

Wicker baskets have been around for a very long time. In recent years, we’ve seen a major comeback of these, particularly in modern farmhouse decor. However, they’ve also been around for years and I’ve snagged some of my favorite baskets from my grandma. They are timeless pieces that are also very functional.

If you’re looking for how to incorporate these into your home, you don’t have to look hard. There are quite a few ways, but here are some of my favorites:

  • Storage baskets on shelves
  • Storage under an entryway
  • Blanket holder in the living room
  • Hiding spot for your bathroom necessities
  • Wall decoration filled with plants

4. Find A Favorite Tray

Square shelves with wicker baskets in the holes and antique decorative pieces on top surrounding a chalk board

Trays are such an easy way to group items or to elevate any decoration in your home. I also love how they make sense in any room in your home. Need something for the vanity countertop in your bathroom? Want something to hold drinks on your bed? Need a little something special on your kitchen island?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I’m sure you already know that a tray is a perfect solution. It provides a perfect home for your favorite decorative pieces. Plus, there is a wide variety of tray options that can fit in any space or any style.

5. Cutting Board

cutting boards around a stove top against a ceramic tile backsplash and black pot filler

Once again, classic beauty combines with functional design with this home decor staple. Cutting boards make for the perfect kitchen decoration by adding a touch of warmth and a more organic feel to the space. They perfectly block any outlet when used as a backdrop for other kitchen decor items and they also make a great tray to help elevate and group other objects.

You can also use them as decorations on your shelves or actually utilize them to cut fresh fruits and vegetables. These are like a truly classic pair of blue jeans. They will never go out of style and there will never be a time that you don’t need them.

6. Cozy It Up With A Rug

Runner rug in entry way in front of bench and coat rack

Rugs can honestly make or break a space. They can add warmth or help define a vignette in your room. They are versatile, comfortable, and just plain adorable. If you ever feel like a space needs a little something, you can never go wrong with adding a rug.

My only request is that you try and choose a more timeless pattern or design. For instance, Persian rugs have been popular for years and never truly go out of style. Try to find one that you truly love and perhaps one that’s a bit more neutral and I promise it will be worth the investment.

7. Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall

panel mirror on top of natural wood side table with two lamps and other decor

Although mirrors are a little less versatile, these are another staple you will always need. Mirrors help bring light into the space. They can be utilized in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, or any space that needs a little more light. Over time the trends of a mirror may change, but you can always retool the frame to give it a fresh look.

Most of the time it will only need a touch of paint, but mostly, they are fairly timeless. I say invest in good mirrors with a classic look and you will be very pleased that you did. Nothing is a better staple decor piece than a good mirror!

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