Black and grey shower in master bathroom

7 Luxurious Shower Trends To Follow In 2022

I don’t think you realize how valuable a quality shower is until you don’t have one anymore. Have you ever gone to a friend’s house or on vacation and experienced an amazing shower? I’m talking about beautiful, clean, good water pressure, and just overall stunning. It’s life-changing, right?


2022 Shower Trends

We’ve all been there, but how do we get that same experience in our home? I’ve noticed a few major trends in 2022 that can help you elevate your shower to something you may find in a luxury hotel. Here’s a hint, goodbye beige tile. Let’s dive into it.

Flip Those Tiles

Large scale marble tiles placed vertically

Although I’m not quite sure why showers have traditionally had the tile in them laid horizontally. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this, but it’s nice to see the status quo changing as we go deeper into 2022. Now you’re starting to see more and more showers with tile laid vertically and I love it!

Vertical tile draws the eye upward creating the illusion of a larger space. This is particularly important in restrooms with a smaller shower as it will help make the space look and feel larger than it is. Combine this with a light-colored tile, your smaller shower is on the road to feeling more luxurious.

The Bigger The Tile, The Better

White and grey marbled, large scale shower tile with gold accents

The time for subway tile showers has come and gone. Although there is still a place for the smaller shower tile, 2022 trends suggest utilizing a larger scale tile in your shower. The larger pieces also help create a grandeur illusion making the shower appear larger than it actually is.

How large is too large? Well, there’s no limit to how big the tile can be! In fact, if you’re looking for a truly elevated design, opt for a full slab. This will create a timeless and expensive shower that will be well worth the investment for years to come.

Black Is Back (In Your Shower)

Black subway tile laid vertically with small white chevron tile accents

Now, this may be my dream shower! Not only are black shower heads and accents popular, but black tile is back with a vengeance! The all-black tile gives an elevated look to the bathroom providing an immediate feeling of extravagance. I think it’s important to utilize black tile strategically as it can be overwhelming in a small space.

Additionally, this may not be a viable option for you if you aren’t ready to keep up with the maintenance. Hard water and issues with soap scum accumulation can easily build and show on a black tile. If you want to go in this direction, I highly recommend taking the time to research & plan how to maintain black tile. Black tile may be gorgeous, but it is also very high maintenance.

Matching Soap Dish Tile

Large, grey, shower tile with a concrete look and a black penny soap cut out

Soap niches have been a thing for quite some time, but they’ve typically been filled or aligned with the rest of the shower tile. I love how bold the trending soap niches are today. Many of them have a bolder, small-sized tile that aligns with the print on the shower floor.

The unique cut-out creates an eye-catching display that adds visual intrigue. Not only does it make your shower a true work of art, but it also provides space for a functional display for your soap, shampoo, or other shower necessities.

More. More. More.

dual black shower heads in large walk in shower with white tile

I love, love, love adding in additional shower heads! Whether it’s a rainfall one from way above or dual shower heads in an elongated shower, I don’t think you can go wrong with adding additional water sources. This year you’re going to see more and more homes with multiple spouts for water.

They’ve really started to get creative with how you can integrate this into your shower. The added water pressure makes it easy to lose track of time until the water runs out that is. My one tip is to ensure you have the proper water heater to ensure your additional water flow doesn’t drain your hot water!

Line It Up

grey shower tile with small vertical rock accent strip

Similar to the tile, we’ve flipped the accent strip vertically. Instead of the typical horizontal accent strip, designers have shifted to a more elongated style. The horizontal design, although beautiful, kind of cut the shower down making it appear shorter. Meanwhile, the vertical strip draws the eye up making the shower and ceiling appear taller.

Mega Walk-in Shower

Giant walk in shower with white tile walls and a dark hexagon flooring

2022 has taken walk-in showers to a new level. If you really want to create a luxurious master bathroom, start thinking about expanding your walk-in floor print. Many new build homes have raised the bar for showers by creating separate rooms for showers or building a double door shower with two points of entry.

The larger shower makes a glorious statement and elevates the bathroom to a whole new level. I think you’ll start to see this become the standard in a lot more homes. Larger showers won’t fit every bathroom, but if you can do it I certainly would! As always, you don’t have to follow these trends if you prefer a more classic bathroom.

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