grey and white master bathroom with black hardware

3 Timeless Bathroom Combos & How To Style Them

I post a lot about bathroom decor and design because I honestly feel that many homes get it all wrong. It’s understandable. There are so many minor details and a million ways to go wrong. A small tile on the floor can make a large bathroom feel busy, while a huge tile in a small half bath can feel awkward.

If you’ve ever designed or renovated a bathroom you know precisely what I’m talking about. The number of decisions you have to make in such a small space can feel overwhelming and you may even feel like you’re at a loss for where to start. We’ve all been there, but picking a vanity style can help make everything else a lot easier. I’ve written out 3 timeless bathroom cabinet and counter combinations to help get you moving in the right direction.


The Bathroom Classic: All White

white bathroom cabinets in dual vanity with pure white counter and silver hardware

Starting it off hot, the all-white bathroom will forever be an absolute classic in my book. Something about the white counter and cabinet combo makes any bathroom feel a bit more luxe and a lot more classy. Whether you opt for a cool or warm white paint, the counter should be a stark white and of course, you can opt for some kind of graining or other detail to help add a bit of contrast.

It’s quite trendy right now to opt for a warm white and quite honestly I love the look of it. There is something so rich and luxurious about that little bit of warm undertone that gives an elevated feel to the bathroom. If you would prefer to go the traditional route, you also can’t go wrong with a bright white cabinet under a beautiful white counter. The options are endless and no two all-white bathrooms ever look alike.

White bathroom vanity and counter with light grey veining and black hardware

One of the reasons all white bathrooms remain a classic is because they are both versatile and easy to update with any current trends. You can simply swap out your outdated hardware for more stylish ones and it will give your vanity an instant facelift. Struggling to pick a metal for your hardware? Don’t – you literally can’t go wrong with brass, gold, silver, or black!

When styling an all-white restroom, consider including some earthy and warm elements such as wood, wicker, and greenery. White bathrooms can be a bit cold so some earthy undertones can easily help warm up and soften the space. Now, if you prefer a more glamorous look, add in plenty of metal and shiny accents with soft, fluffy towels.

Grey & White

Grey counter with thick veining and white cabinets on dual vanity with yellow and white decorative accents in master bathroom

Want a little more depth and dimension than a white-on-white bathroom, but still like the clean and modern style? The grey and white vanity is the perfect bathroom combination for you. Whether you elect for white cabinets and grey countertops or vice versa, this classical style will be around for years to come.

The one caveat I’d like to add is that I think a lighter grey has a bit more of a timeless feel than a dark grey. I also believe that you should find a grey with more of a neutral undertone than one with a cool, blue undertone. The darker, blue-ish grey is a bit outdated and is a style that has somewhat come and gone already. However, a light, warm grey gives off a very elegant and classic feel that will withstand the test of time.

light grey cabinetry base of vanity with white counters, black hardware and green and blue accent decor in half bathroom

Similar to the all-white bathroom, I love the idea of using earthy tones to warm up the space. This time though, I think light browns are very complimentary to the grey and white, so look for more of a “weathered oak” style wood or something more in the medium brown family versus the lighter yellow that tends to work well in a white bathroom. You can also utilize dark greens, light greens, or even florals to warm up the space.

The best part about grey & white bathrooms is that you can also really bring in some white decorative accents as well without it feeling too one-dimensional. If you’re struggling with hardware, I truly think black works best, but you can also get away with silver hardware and a more darkened brass versus shiny gold.

Wood & White

light wood cabinets in two separate vanities with white counters with light veining and black hexagon tile

I may be biased, but this combination is my absolute favorite! There is honestly nothing that screams timeless and modern farmhouse more than wood cabinetry and white countertops in a bathroom. The organic texture and look help add a relaxing and homey feel, while the white counters provide that elegant timeless look. I do like to keep the counters a bit more sleek to allow the wood cabinetry to shine.

To execute the timeless aspect, stay away from any cherry woods or anything with heavy graining or coloration. Try to lean more towards a medium to light wood so the space feels less heavy and more light and airy.

light wood vanity cabinets in master bathroom with white counter and green, white, and grey accents with black hardware

Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky. I firmly believe black hardware to be the best accessory, but you can get away with gold as well. Decor-wise, you really can’t go wrong in this style of bathroom. Have fun and play around with various colors, textures, and patterns. My one piece of advice is to let the beauty of your vanity speak and fine decor that only helps to accentuate it (not distract).

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