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4 Luxury Laundry Room Features You Need

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I spend a lot of time in my laundry room and I’ve used many living rooms. If you also have, then I’m sure you already know that not all laundry rooms are created equal. A good laundry room can make the chore feel a little less tedious and a lot more glamorous, while the wrong one can make doing the laundry feel like the most dreaded task on your to-do list.


Upgrading Your Laundry Room

Is your laundry room one that you dread walking into? If you answered yes, then quickly check out my 6 simple tips to upgrade your laundry room. If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line, luxury laundry room then this blog is for you. Here I’ll show you the 4 luxurious laundry room features you absolutely need (a bit dramatic, but wants can feel like needs, right?) in your home!

Feature #1: Dual Access Points

laundry room with grey cabinets and open shelving off of closet

Starting off with the most “boujee” feature, dual access points are an absolute must for a luxurious laundry room. Think about where you most frequently gather dirty clothes. Perhaps your mudroom or closet came to mind. Now, who all needs access to do laundry? Maybe your kids, guests, or the laundry repair man.

Imagine if you could have private access and public access that’s located in just the right place. Sounds like a dream, right? That’s exactly what a dual-access laundry room does for you. You can have access points from a hallway and mudroom or closet and mudroom that provides a convenient and easy flow for you.

small laundry room off of mud room

For me, I dream of one day having a laundry room that extends off of my master bedroom closet & connects to my mudroom just outside of my garage. This way anyone who comes in with dirty clothes can remove those pieces right there and toss them in the laundry without tracking dirt and grime through the house. Additionally, I can also float between my room and the laundry with easy access to hang my own clothes.

Feature #2: A Sink

Built-in sink with white countertop and grey lower cabinetry

Once you have a sink in your laundry room, you can never really go back. Honestly, laundry without a sink is nearly impossible for me because of the red clay stains on my white clothes from my softball tournaments. The sink makes it so easy to soak and scrub out any stains. I’m also embarrassed to admit how often I need to soak out stains.

If you have kids, a blue-collar job or spouse, or even if you’re just a bit messy yourself, having a sink is truly game-changing. This also helps make your laundry room a cleaning hub where you can easily fill up a mop bucket, rinse out dirty rags, or deep clean any clothing items. I absolutely guarantee that adding a sink will make doing your laundry a lot easier.

Feature #3: Built-In Laundry Room Storage

grey upper and lower cabinets in laundry room with glass and wood decorative accents

Open shelves are cute, but let’s face it, not everything we need to stash away in the laundry room needs to be out in the open. You can transfer your detergent and other laundry essentials into neat containers and add storage baskets, but sometimes you just want to be able to stash some extra overflow cleaning items as well. This is where built-in storage comes in handy.

wooden clothes rod with open shelving next to white upper cabinetry

So what kind of storage do I recommend in your laundry room? Here are a few exceptional storage solutions I love:

  • Pull out laundry baskets – these remain hidden and allow you to separate your laundry as you toss it
  • Upper cabinets – this makes for a great place to stash laundry detergent, wool balls, dryer sheets, and other necessities
  • Open shelving with clothing rod – perfect for accent decor and hang dry clothing
  • Lower cabinets – genius solution for storing additional cleaning supplies
  • Drawers – wonderful solution to stash tide pens, clothes pens, and other small laundry necessities

Feature #4: Undermount lights

White upper and lower cabinets with a black counter & undercount lighting

Cabinets in your laundry room are an absolutely beautiful addition, but do you know what would elevate them even more? Undermount lights. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said it, but layering in lighting in a room can truly make a space feel more luxurious and complete. If you haven’t heard it before, hear it now, lighting can make or break a room.

undercount lighting beneath laundry room cabine

We already know you should have some kind of feature light fixture and recess lighting, but you should also add in under cabinet lighting to help elevate the space even more. If you’re completing a new build, ask them to wire it into your laundry room cabinetry. If you’re looking to renovate yours, try a few battery-powered stick-on lights or led strips.

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