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Repurpose Old Decor – 5 Ways To Make Old Decor New Again

For years antique shops have mastered their ability to repurpose old decor and turn it into something beautiful. I find those who can see the beauty when others cannot, immensely talented. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with this talent and we must rely on current trends or professionals to help us see that same beauty. This is also exactly why antiquers and interior designers exist!

As you may know, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the San Antonio Vintage Market Days and rest my eyes on not only current spring trends, but I also unearthed a few stunningly repurposed decorative pieces. What I loved the most about these repurposed decorative items, was that they were brought back to life in new, innovative ways. Instead of simply applying a fresh coat of paint, the vendors at the market showed how to bring classic old pieces back to life in an entirely new way. Follow along below as I share five unique ways to repurpose old decor (a few of which even made their way back to my families’ homes) inspired by my market finds.

old, red car grill repurposed as large wall shelf art work.


Repurpose Old Decor By Bringing It To Your Wall

When I first entered the market I was instantly entranced by this magical art piece. As somewhat of a car nerd myself, I love the idea of repurposing an old car grill as a fun art piece for your wall. The antique could easily be used as a statement piece in any room as it instantly draws your gaze. Additionally, the inclusion of shelving to on the inside also makes it a great option for storage.

The greatest beauty here lies in the lighting. The headlights which were once used to light the road now shine light in an entirely new way. Not only does the red frame make a bold statement in your space, but the added electrical feature helps add another layer of lighting to your room. You can also mimic this with any large antique piece such as a bike or large windmill.

antique, teal door transformed into decor with metal hooks holding every day items such as bags, keys, and jackets

Change The Function Of The Decor Item

Doors are normally meant for keeping people in or out of a space. They serve as a barrier between the inside and outside or as the entry from one room into another. When taken off the hinges a door now is open to an entirely new realm of possibilities. For instance, this door was transformed into a unique nook in the entryway perfectly designed for hanging everyday essentials.

This same concept applies to a multitude of other pieces because once you change the function of an item that piece transforms into something completely different. You often see this in today’s design with items like books. Books used to be displayed on top of shelves until they were opened and read, but now they are permanently closed and used as a prop for other decorations to be displayed on top of. I recommend playing around with your favorite antique items until you find a new, practical use for them!

Library card cabinet as coffee nook cabinet

Switch Up The Location For A New Look

Remember those old library card catalog cabinets? Well, some of you may not but for those that do the last place you’d expect to find one is in a kitchen! We found this glorious blue cabinet at the local market and decided it made the perfect coffee nook in my cousin’s house. The size of the cabinet fits neatly into the small corner of the kitchen and the bright blue adds just the right pop of color.

Library card drawers filled with Keurig cups, pens, pencils, and other miscellaneous items.

I think every family has a junk drawer in their kitchen, but these smaller drawers provide an excellent organization option to keep all of your “junk” nicely sorted. The tiny drawers are also the perfect home for Keurig cups, sugar packets, and all those other random coffee odds and ends such as your frother and reusable straws.

This theory also works for furniture pieces or decorative items. The one piece of advice I caution you with is to be mindful of the finish. This piece was coated with polyurethane which makes it water-resistant and fairly safe for spills. Not all of your items will have this same coating so please be extremely cautious of this when relocating your beloved decoration.

gold framed chalk board with rustic, antique decor accents

DIY It Into Something New

Do you have an old decoration you love, but moving it or switching the function doesn’t work? Give DIY a try! I don’t think anyone can deny the beauty of this glorious gold frame, but oftentimes the pictures inside are a little worn. Instead of throwing the whole thing away get your creative juices flowing and grab your toolkit.

I love how they swapped the image in the frame for an old chalkboard. This would work lovely in any kitchen or office space. This creativity can also extend to your other beloved decorations. Try adding a few hooks to an old shutter for storage or perhaps add a bowl to the top of your favorite antique candlestick for a new look.

White window pain with greenery wreath

When All Else Fails, Throw In Some Greens!

Do you have a decoration you love, but have absolutely no idea what to do with it? If you can’t imagine changing the function and can’t stomach touching it with tools, add in some greenery! You would be absolutely amazed at what a difference a few sprigs of greenery or flowers can make.

Adding flowers can be as simple as throwing them into your favorite tin can or as complex as creating your own greenery wreath to hang on an old window pane. Regardless of the decoration, find greenery you love and get to crafting. The end result will be well worth the time and energy! If you have any questions on how to repurpose old decor, or my other five tips, leave a comment below.


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